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Artistic: Orchid #3 (small)

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The final in this series which I have manipulated with painterly effects. The original photo was taken by my daughter at the Royal Winter Fair, in Toronto. I have edited out the background and created something a little different.


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Ah, Mary, I'm not alone!! I thought that I was the only one with bad luck with them. I'm willing to try again but I if it doesn't work out, I will graciously concede defeat. I refuse to be branded a serial orchid killer! I'm glad that you enjoyed the virtual orchid though. :-)


Now that you mention it, Hanne, a couple of them are looking at me with cross-eyed grins! LOL Thank you for your kind and imaginative comments!


Thank you, Francine. I'm glad that you enjoyed it! Lots of play time...LOL


This is so pretty Michelle,thanks for posting it.I have tried a couple times to grow orchids but can't seem to get the hang of it.I gave the last ones I had to a friend who does really well with them.


Ohhh, those small funny faces!! Can't help smiling!! They look at you so curiously and put millions of questions!! Wonderful Michelle, thanks so very much!!


Ditto, Michelle. Spent more time admiring all the details than solving puzzle. Thanks. :)


Thank you again, too, Monica! (That frame will make other appearances...I was so happy with the effects that I achieved so have kept it separately in my projects file. I am starting to do that with my frames now...should have before but oh, well, spilt milk and all...) Bexter is a good photographer; that was part of her field of study at U. I'll pass the compliment on to her.


Thank you, Hester! The textured background came as a result of fiddling around but hopefully I should be able to recreate it since I document what I do a little better these days. It was a bit of work to pull it out of the original background, which wasn't very flattering to the plant. This is a huge annual agricultural fair in Toronto and so attendance is very high. It is very difficult to take any photos without having stray peeps in them...LOL. Glad that you are enjoying these!


Magnificent!!! Michelle I love what you did with this one, and the frame is to die for! It really just pulled the whole pic together! Just beautiful, thanks so much for sharing these lovely Orchids with us! And, thank your daughter for sharing her pics from the Royal Winter Fair! She must be a wonderful photographer!


Terrific effect on this one, Michelle! I love the textured background. When I get time I shall work my way back through this set! Thankyou for these beautiful creations! :-)


Thank you so much, pnb! I am basking in the positive feedback! :-)


I love orchids and I love the frame. Your daughter took some beautiful pics, glad you could share them like this.


I'm glad that you liked it too, Suzy. You know...I keep looking at that avatar of yours and thinking...hmmmm! Go to one of your puzzles for a surprise link.


*tee hee* you good, did I? I tried hard to keep the ethereal beauty of this one but still wanted to make it "mine". (btw - I'm really thrilled with my frame too...took me a while to create this gilded one but I was spraying "paint" madly over my blank "canvas"... I suppose that I could have looked up a tute here but this was just so much fun! LOL) Thank you, sis!


Thank you for your compliment, twoclubs. I am glad that you liked this.


So pretty, puzz.


Now I can't decide which one I like the most, evil woman! But, this is surely in the running! Beautiful! Thanks so very much, Michelle!


Beautifully done. Thank you puzzaddled.