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"Extreme" Christmas Display #4

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This series of photos was taken by my father in 2010. This is a homeowner (not far from where he lives) who does this absolutely elaborate lighting display every year! People come for miles just to see it. Pictures don't really have the same impact as actually standing there. Take that, Griswalds! lol


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Francine...note for you with Pepper.


Hours and hours, Francine! I just posted a link to videos in "Extreme" Puzzle #2. There are several neighborhoods in Pickering who do these displays. Another one has several houses linked with lighting coordinated with music and each other. We do drive out and check them is so wonderful to see the kids (small and grown up!) enjoy this. Rather a jaw dropper!

The cold/virus is still lingering and have the raspy voice yet. I think it's finally starting to resolve. Fingers are crossed! Thanks for asking.


Amazing! Can't imagine hours involved in setting this up. Hope your cold has vanished.


No promises, but if we can get some video this year...


Darn! I wish we could see it better. I'll bet it knocks your socks off!