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Oddio and Janet Jane - wishing you all the happiness in the world.

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Thanks for the note, Snooker. It feels good to be remembered on jigidi. It was fun. And maybe one day I can devote more time to it again. Best wishes, and hope your doing well.


Thanks for your nice comment, Jim. I'm sure they appreciate it. :) Glad you are doing well and are happy.


Talk about a party! Hey Snooker, just had to stop by for a little hug from you, too. :>)
WOW, now I am beginning to think I missed a great party! (I just found out about the happy couple yesterday, when JJ sent me an announcement by email ) Ever seen a grown man cry? I am doing better today. ( I , too, have met someone very special, as a matter of fact.) But this is about JJ and Oddio, and I sending them both my best wishes.!!


You are very welcome, JJ.


I still love this puzzle, Snooker, thank you!


I'm sure they appreciate your kind wishes, Marilyn. Thank you.


Fantastic puzzle for a fantastic reason!
Much happiness for JJ and Oddman.


Snooker, you are really good at hostessing, ya know it?! You picked a neatest photo and you greeted everyone and thanked them..It was and maybe still is a "party" I will save to my computer!!

And I hadn't been back here for a couple of days and it was so neat to read and re-read all the sweet comments. And I would also like to tell everyone that it is/was such a warm feeling to know you guys and ladies wish us happiness because just knowing that also adds to our happiness. SO thank YOU again!


Good to see you, Mimi. Thanks for adding to their happiness.


Wonderful picture snooker, and I add my best wishes to all the rest!


Now there's an idea, gemstone.


Yes...absolutely we all get to go to the wedding? Perhaps Robbie will cater. A wedding in Bermuda would be divine!


Thanks Pat. That is absolutely wonderful.
~Am also wishing them all the best!...:-)


This is really a Jigidi sort of way! Congrats!!


They don't live in the same city (same state I believe) but have both been on jigidi for quite some time and must have been e-mailing and phoning each other too. Don't know exactly how they got together but they seem to be very much in love. :)


Thanks for asking, bookish. I didn't want to appear nosy but as I've been reading about "the blossoming" I have also been wondering how they met, do they live in the same city and if they met on jigidi how did they connect up in real life. It's been wonderful feeling the joy.


Pat, I've been busy away from Jigidi for more than a month taking care of a sick pet dog who is now recovering. Am now trying to catch up with the news. Please, I'm interested in this image.
~If I have to guess ~ it's both their birthdays, their engagement or their wedding.

Would appreciate it if you'd let me know. In the meantime, shall check Oddio's puzzles. Thanking you (in advance).


Thanks for helping, Suzy, Ank, Maria and bradjan.


Congratulations from me too. Snooker made this special day nice.


:29) Wow, that's one great photo Pat!

All the best Oddio and JJ! :)


Congratulations you two, I send my best wishes.


What a celebration for the jigidi-duo!
Wishes for much happiness to you both!


Thanks everyone for stopping in to send the happy couple your congratulations.


very sweet of you snooker


Great job Snookums Bunny and best wishes to you both JJ and the very odd man.


Congratulations oddio and JanetJane!


Wow! fireworks for Janet Jane and Oddio! wonderful things happen on Jigidi, Congratulations and best wishes to you both.


Beautiful :-)


Oddio, I thought you said you couldn't comment tonight... and it is the same time that I did.. crazy.....


Thank you, Pat.


Thank you for this celebration puzzle! Gorgeous! I just discovered this right after I got off the phone with Oddio so I am sure he will be commenting in the morning or sometime tomorrow. And thank you ladies for the additional well wishes here!! It means a lot to me and to Oddio, too!


Snooker!!! I love you!!!!


Snooker, you are a gem!
All the best to you Mr. O and JJ!


All the best to you two! (Thanks, Snooker -- what a sweet puzzle for them!)


That's nice & bright! Thanks snooker.


Great photo, thanks.


An explosion of beauty!