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Snowflake Craft Template #2

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Craft Template from Wilson A. Bentley Snowflake Study

This is a template based on a Wilson A. Bentley snowflake study. (See Snowflake Studies puzzles.)

To learn more about it and to see how you can use this template for your own crafting, visit THE BIGGER PICTURE" at

Then you, too, can "Let It Snow!"


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It hardly seems possible, does it? Seminal work that they did and all... I am so glad to have had such a small personal experience but it has stayed with me my whole life forward from then. He was such a nice man (to my mind, at least)... After all, my Grandma painted too so I guess I was predisposed to listen.

I just finished loading up the PS 11 ... *tee hee* I won't be able to use it yet but it's on the hard drive now! lol


Thank you so much for sharing that memory with me. Priceless. Lucky, lucky you. At one time, I posted many of the Group of Seven+ artwork puzzles. Emily Carr also. Many non-Canadians had never heard of them.


I just checked everything out on your sites...I am going to have some fun learning all this!

And certainly, leave photos on this site...if I don't see them, poke me!

McMichael Art Gallery in Kleinburg (which is in Vaughan). They have the most wonderful Group of Seven collection. Memory time: I went there on a school trip as a child back when A.Y. Jackson was still living there. They brought us all in to one of the galleries and seated us on the floor and then the custodian went out to collect Mr. Jackson and bring him to us for a little speech. It was a very short 10 minute affair and then the teachers collected the kids and the custodian was called away for something or other. Somehow, in all the kerfuffle, I was allowed to stay seated on the floor at Mr. Jackson's feet (he was seated on a stool) and he talked to my 10 year old self for quite a while before we were "found". His theories about Tommy Thomson being murdered (and he was absolutely positive that he was) and the pain of not being able to express himself with art any more due to the palsy in his hands. (He was about 86 at the time and his hands shook terribly.) He liked my light blonde hair, I remember, and said that he wished he could paint it. We were in our own world and I so enjoyed listening to him. We were both rather rudely interrupted when a frantic teacher came looking for me (I had a reputation for responsibility and reliability so didn't understand her problem) and the harried custodian (acting more like a zoo keeper, to my young mind) came back and chastised him for talking to a student. If I ever win the lottery, I'd love to have one of his paintings, just for the memory... *sigh* back to the here and now, Michelle!

I need to go up and visit the gallery again; it's been far too long.

I can see why you like the Norval Morrisseau...very vivid colouration which does remind me of several of your works.


Informing you I won't be using this image - can't pixellate this one. Oh well. Did visit W.A. Bentley's snowflakes site. Gorgeous, aren't they?!


Norval Morrisseau is one of the artists whose prints we have. Can't remember name(s) of others at moment. Bought our prints during two visits at the McMichaels gallery(?) in Vaughan. [remember the great food at the near-by restaurant, 'The Doctor Prescribes'.]
..Shall take photos and show you. I'll leave them here if that's okay with you.


Hiya. Went to my scenery puzzle and left you a long message there. Just read yours here.

Shame on me, I haven't looked at the free tutorials yet, besides not yet finishing the book. Shirley has given me a lot of useful info (she's very generous, besides being so talented, and nice). That info all copied and pasted by me into specific folders, but not yet referred to. 2012 was a busy year for all three of us - many appointments. Haven't had time to learn anything - not good!!!
...Actually, I don't use many programs - PS Elements and some Gimp. Pat (pdevredis) uses LunaPic, inter alia. TroubleandMill (TroubleandFrog) uses Corel and Kaleido.

Apropos J Sharky Thomas - here's our print. Smallest size is 12 pieces. Apologies for photo not being a close up.


You DO have talent. If you don't believe me, listen to all the people who like to solve your puzzles! I went to your link and left you a message there. I have no idea where my flair, if any, will take me. I haven't even loaded the programme yet (PS 11) and probably won't until I can sit down and really play. Shirley said to take a look at the free tutorials out there too. I'm sure that I will be asking you about some of the things that you have learned. I know that you have mentioned other programmes too but I'm not there yet... Thank you for the support, Francine. In every way!


Thanks for the ok. Solved the other snowflake one also - but really like this one. I'm slow so don't hold your breath. BTW, it's sweet of you to tell me you like some of my puzzles and credit me with some talent. Truth is, I'm a kindergartener who is simply having fun playing with that software. I'm a tweaker.

Now, yay! That's a wonderful gift. Happy for you.
I'll help you as much as you want. Don't know it well, yet. Not pleased with the book we bought. Shall give you name tomorrow - if I forget, please remind me. I've had problems with the software in past and asked Shirley who uses Version 9 if she had same problems. Nope, just me.
And for the last few months, I've had a few features change on me. Haven't been in mood, will have to reload program and see if better.

It'll be fun to see which direction your natural artistic flair will take you. Perhaps you already have an idea what you'd like to do.

That was my very first one, without the manual. I used a 3-coloured flag and manipulated the image till I got this. Obviously faulty and amateurish - but I was impressed with the program. I knew zero at that time. Was in a hurry to play before learning.

I assume you've seen Shirley68's work? She's fantastic. Again, she uses PS Elements 9 and perhaps another 5-6 programs. Sally (Smor) also sometimes uses Elements 9, inter alia.

I can hardly wait for you to play with it....:)


Francine, I got PS Elements for Christmas! I haven't loaded it up yet but when I do, you'll have to give me some ideas on how to tweak. In the meantime, GO FOR IT!! I'd be fascinated to see what you do with them....


Oooh Michelle, you are tempting the tweaker in me to play with this template...:)