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Bonnie the Red-Tongued Rein-Dog!

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The title says it...


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Hi, Faye.
I'm so happy that you checked in...what a lovely surprise this morning!
Bonnie has been doing very well, considering the trauma and her age. She's a bit more unstable in getting up and down and hasn't barked her real bark since it happened. (She used to talk to me in the evenings...just with few single *bark* *bark*'s (she actually sounds just like the word!). I miss this but she seems relatively happy. I am Bonnie's main person and she wants to be with me a lot so this horrible cold/virus that I've had for the past month has been of benefit to her! (lol) The cold is finally leaving but I broke my (baby) toe joint rather dramatically (right at the foot join) on Sunday so am still housebound! Somebody wants me to stay home with Bonnie? We will take some more pictures of her during Christmas, I'm sure. So many people, like yourself, have been so supportive and caring that I want to share her progress. (She deserves the positive energy with what her life was prior to coming to live with us.)
We have had some good news though. Our youngest son will be able to come home for a month long visit and will be flying in Dec 29th. Whoo hoo! We haven't seen him for the past year and a half. He loves the dogs too and this may be his last opportunity to visit with Bonnie. (Meara will be beside herself...he's her *boy*!) He works up in Fort Nelson...closer to you than to me. He tells us that the snow load so far this year has been more than the whole season last! (I don't know if that's an exaggeration or fact but I guess you've had a lot of snow in the north. )

So, as far as I'm concerned, I've got my Christmas pressies already. It looks like my bonnie, Bonnie girl will celebrate at least one more Christmas with us and my son will be home so what more do I need?

I hope that you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year too. *hugs*

(I hope that one of these days I'll get out to that about we meet for a coffee then? Or a guided tour with an extremely knowledgeable docent?)


Hi, Michele,

Been a bit busy the past week...haven't even had time to do your last batch of carousel puzzles. :DDD

Just wanted to check on Bonnie...and her caregivers. Hope all is well and that you have recovered from your cold/flu, too. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones and hope you have a safe, friend-filled holiday. Faye


Thanks, Mary...we can only concur! These old puppies just capture our hearts, don't they?


She is precious.


Picky, picky, Jan! I guess I should have adjusted the colour, eh? Piffle...I knew you'd like it if it was Bonnie...*tee hee*

Thank you, sladjana. We adore her and think she's a beauty too.


She is beautiful :)


It's a little more like a pink tongued one, but we'll let you take creative license! Cute photo!


We think so too, thank you omajacky. Bonnie's personality matches her looks.