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The camera couldn't capture her action quick enough! mmmm Dried chicken breast treats served under the Christmas tree. Good eats!


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We hope so too, Jana. Thank you!


Bonnie still many beautiful Birthdays :-))))


Hi, Bexter...nice to meet you...and of course, I know Mr. Handsome. :)))

There's a Petsmart down the way from us so I'll check there tomorrow and let my sister know...thank you.


Thanks, Bexter...Faye lives out in BC so she should be able to get it there too. Faye, meet Bexter (her screen name here), my daughter. Her avatar is Darcy, whom I have featured in puzzles too. ;-D


Petsmart here started selling the brand a year or two back. They also do fish, liver, turkey treats.


Thanks, Michele. Like you I don't buy anything that is going in our or our pet's bodies that is made in China...or that we'll eat from. Coffee never had a plastic squeaky toy either. She had so many allergies when tested in '98 that there was only one wet food that we dared give her and absolutely no kibble. While she willingly ate anything put in front of her until a new food from Hill's came out we had to watch everything...she was even allergic to rice! When she developed diabetes we questioned insulin vs her allergy to pork. The vet at Hill's said that the allergy test (10 years earlier) was not very reliable and not to worry about it. Fortunately, Coffee's last two years had more treats in them...she really liked the dried cheddar cheese bits!


Hi, Faye. The company name is Purebites ( The chicken breast package colour is white with red edging and labels but they sell a wide variety of treats and advertise as having only 1 ingredient. (i.e. the chicken is only fillers or anything added.) We get ours at a pet food store (our local Global Pet Foods sells it but you should have something similar out there). We don't get anything from Costco for the dogs; my sister had a recall notice for food she had purchased there for her dogs. (At least she was notified and with your Costco card, all your purchases are listed so you can be contacted). My daughter really researches all this and won't allow anything unless she has verified it first. She generally tries to stick with Canadian manufacturers (there was a border issue with some of the other high end food that they were on previously) so that supply will not be an issue but some things just aren't available everywhere here. We usually go to Woofstock here in the summers to check out what is in the marketplace and what she wants to research. Now, it's rather moot for most things since Darcy and Bonnie are not supposed to have anything other than their presciption food. (However, a small treat once in a blue moon should be ok...right?). Let me know if you can find anything out there. If not...well, there's always Canada Post!


Glad to hear that, Michelle. What is the name of them and what colour is the package? My furry nephew loves the chicken jerky that my sister bought at Costco but she wasn't aware of the pet deaths in the States (from this Chinese product), his Christmas present was returned. If I can find a good replacement both he and my sister will be happy! :)))


Faye, these pure chicken goodies are from the US but the packaging says that they are made there from federally inspected meat producers so I hope that they are ok. We have been very careful (even before that awful contaminated pet food situation) to feed only Canadian or US made food (human grade), since we are more aware of what the health safety practices are in these countries than we are about other places. We do not allow anyone to give our pets anything either, unless we know exactly from where it came. The whole pet food situation was just too awful and we've already got two of them with digestive issues so they would be at even greater risk. Thanks for caring enough to mention this, not many people would.

We had four of us for the three dogs, Francine. I was behind the camera (or trying to The guys' job was to distract the other two until they got their photo op, while my daughter did set up. The posed pictures are a lot harder to do. Bonnie doesn't understand the concept like the other two do, not being exposed to this in her formative years. She just kept lying down on the job! *smile* So that's the way she got her picture taken! She was good about the hat though!

Yup, Ank & Jan...lip smacking...where did it disappear? She didn't understand why there couldn't be a non-stop conveyor of these! LOL


I hope they aren't the ones made in China that some vets in the States are trying to have removed from importation.


Chicken breast disappears quickly! Lovely Bonnie!


How did you manage to keep her babies away while she was the center of attention?


Wow, that's mine. Yummy