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I Forget

156 pieces
473 solves
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whatnauts, this is probably my favorite 'pinwheel.' I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)


Enjoyed this splendid offering (10:50).


RebeBe, I haven't heard someone say the word "loverly" in probably 40 years- no kidding! Well, thank you. ;-)

OK, Mandy, "wangle" it is! And you picked up on why I said "I Forget." I had posted this before but I couldn't remember what size I posted it in...and I was too tired to go check. I don't remember ever posting in a 156 piece size so I figured this would do.

Amy, my guess is that you do have a colorful memory. ;-)

Pat, if you want to get a faster time on a puzzle like this, and the color is distracting you, wear very dark sunglasses. hehehe


These colors are awesome! Sooooo beautiful! I guess I spent too much time, admiring them, though... 11:39! Then again, with 258 solves (!!!), that's not such a bad time at all!


Oh, I wish my forgetful memory was so colorful! :-)


???? (W? wàngle tài) (Chinese)
However, I do remember the beautiful meandering journey of this puzzle, thanks Wendy :))

You could call this style of puzzle a "wangle" - LOL


Ooh loverly ;-} (12:45)