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51 solves
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Gosh Miz darla...awwww got me blushing, sho'nuff! ;-)))

Well, lookie, lookie here!!!! All that fuss & your in 3rd on the leader board & beat gr82bnkc by miles.

I probably should've named it a good luck jig & when it gr82bnkc over two hours you know it's going to be a bugger! I suppose I'll have to post a steampunk jig for you just so you can get your sanity back!
I'll be careful tomorrow, you can be nothing but when driving on icy roads.


In 17 years 5 months and 21 days when I have finished this one, I could maybe squeeze in a skinny size "Once Upon a Time" and "Underwater Television"...yeah, I've got all of around 20 pieces connected in 10 KNOW it's got to be a killa-mazilla when it takes gr82bnkc 2 1/2 hours...just saying!!! Be extra special careful tomorrow, pleeze ;-)))))))!!!

Ouch-chee-waa-waa.....yep that would be about right!!! I'd rather deal with 7" of snow than freezing rain & sleet! And yes I still have to go to work and it will probably take me over an hour to get there. The good news is work owes me a 1/2 hour of time which I will use tomorrow morning so I can avoid the worst of rush hour traffic. Thank you for the couch offer but I'd have to drive though the weather mess just to use it. When I get home tomorrow night, I'm not moving for the entire weekend!
P.S. Don't you just love it when someone has to eat their words? Now get crackin'!
Love ya & hugs;)))))


Ouch-chee-waa-waa!!! If all that happens will you still have to go to work? That kind of weather is why I didn't go running to move to Michigan the first chance I got! (I've got a couch just in case...) Let me get crackin' on this right away ;-)))))!

We my friend, in about the next 5 or 6 hours Michigan will be H#*@ and snowballs will be freezing.
A mix of 5 - 7 inches of rain, sleet and snow = frozen snowballs & since this jig was created in Michigan I'd say you better start on it tonight;)))))!!!!!


Is there a category for "cruel and inhuman" when you create a jig?!? Oh yeah, you called them "good luck"...I call them "snowball" jigs, cause when a snowball freezes in h#@* is when you'll see me tackle this! Gorgeous pic, YRH ;-)))))))))))))!!!