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Christmas Kaleidos....

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Christmas Kaleidos made from the "Merry Christmas" puzzle...



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This was wonderful, Sally. Glad your Christmas was fine, as was mine. Spent it with Mary and Megan. A bit too slow at 1:10, but had a good time.


We had a lovely Christmas, Ank... Thank you for your good wishes and you have a very Happy New Year... Hugs to you, Heck and Micky... ♥♥♥

Have fun with your grandies, Shirley... Bet you've had your hands full with all the Christmas excitement... Have a Happy New Year... We'll be back in OZ, the 16th... Looking forward to being back... Hugs to you, mate... ♥♥♥

Happy New Year QOK... I get a lot of inspiration from your gorgeous and colourful kaleidos.... You have the touch, mate... Be back on your side of the world soon... Stay cool, be safe.... Hugs... ♥♥♥

Cool idea, Snooker... A Christmas afghan... If I was still crocheting, I'd give it a go... Happy New year... Hugs... ♥♥♥

Thank you, Patti... Have a great New Year... Enjoy your Sweet Adeline and the rest of the family too, of course... Hugs from the warmer part of the country... PS Love your photos... ♥♥♥

Thank you Willy for your good wishes... Glad you enjoyed this puzzle, I so much enjoy yours... Have many bookmarked, they are very relaxing and really good fun.... Happy New Year and Hugs to you and Monique.... ♥♥♥

You're a girl after my own heart, Edie... I've never had to go through anything like what you've just been through, but I love reading stories with survival and adventure as the theme... Is there a short story coming soon detailing your adventure?? The worst weather I've ever encountered was a 20 minute hail storm in Utah in the RV... Fortunately there was an over pass about 30 seconds up ahead, with enough room to fit behind two other vehicles.... And 4 days of constant rain in a 22' Motorhome with a 60 lb soggy dog...5 days heating food over the fire and caring for your brood is getting back to pioneer days... You rock, Edie.... Happy New Year from both of us... Please get some help with the clean up, that's really hard, heavy work.... Hugs, Brave Northwoods Woman... ♥♥♥


In just 5 days away from Jigidi I've amassed 7 pages of favourites. Realize that I won't get to them all but wanted to pop in and say that power is restored and chickens all survived the freezing temperatures without their heat lamps. I think they were very happy to have them back on today. Thanks for the fun puzzle Sally. Hop you and Chrissie had a good Christmas and I wish you all the best for the coming New Year :-)))


Thank you for this beautiful puzzle Sally, have a great 2014 and a wonderful Christmas ☺☺☺☺☺
I am gonna bookmark also the bigger one, I will give then a comment,


Beautiful! Thank you! Merry Christmas!


So bright and Christmasy - would make a great afghan pattern.


Absolutely gorgeous, Sally!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year too. ♡ (•‿•) ♡


A lovely touch of Christmas cheer in everyone of them, beautiful! Sally, Thank you. :):)
I'd love to stay and play, but I have to look after the grandchildren.


And Merry Christmas to you Sally, may your days be wonderful.
I love this beautiful cheerful puzzle.:-)