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How Much is That Kitty in the Window?

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Very clever Carroll.


You're so welcome. It's really good Carol. One of my friends recommended it to me. If you see a "try me free label" on any of the boxes, grab it, they'll reimburse you up to $10.99.

If you like Tidy Cat, my other friend is swearing on the lightweight one that Tidy Cat has come out with. She says also that it has no dust and clumps well.


I use Purina Tidy works fine but I think I buy it just from habit. I will have to check out
the A&H if it has no dust. Thanks for the suggestion.


Yes they do know who appreciates them, loves them, feeds them, cleans them (As in Abbey getting her Shea Pet rubbed in her fur, down to her skin, followed by a brushing), and who cleans their bathroom! LOL!

What kind of kitty litter do you use Carol? Have you seen the new Arm and Hammer Clump and
Seal? It's expensive, but there's "no dust" and is very very fine, smells good, and clumps wonderfully, and it's a light color. I'd never been an admirer of A&H since it was so dark, but I really like this kind b/c of the no dust. :) I usually would use Fresh Step, or Scoop Away, and now I'm mixing the Scoop Away with the A&H, C&S...


Love your story. With Payton, I think I have told you before, he doesn't like cats, dogs, men, diesel trucks, doorbells, I could go on and on......BUT, he LOVES fact, to the point of being a nuisance! Our kitties know who appreciates them!


And I know about them running from window to window. Mine have been, done that. And usually they are very "growley" except for the story below.

Have a great Sunday Carol. :))))


Carol, I had the prettiest visitor one night when all 3 cats and I were on the back porch. Mister just did the very low-toned "mmmm'er, mmm'er thingie at her, not much of a warning at all. I think it must've been a girl, another tabby, but she was beautiful. Had a large fluffy tail, and somewhat longer than usual hair, but not much longer than my cats fur, and she had white on her like Mister and my former Trix. And "no one" in my cat group really fussed at her, and she perched herself under the maple tree, and just sat and stayed a while. It was a sweet moment!

But my cats will not accept visitors, except Gato, he usually "greets" a lot of people. But I want you to know all 3 cats came out when one of my girlfriends was here, Andy, (Andrea), and I was like flipping tickled to see that. And they stayed out with us, leisuring around the whole night. Very unusual...


Hi Tisketsmum, I wish Payton were a "cat friendly" kitty.........he isn't, perhaps a good thing as I would have several kitties. When I got him from a cat rescue 9 years ago they warned me he needed to be an "only cat". Sounds like Tisket has you well trained. ;)


Payton you're priceless beyond diamonds I'd say ☺♥☺
Tisket came to bed with me last night and every time I stopped stroking her (I was hoping to go to sleep) she wagged her tail quite strongly so I guess she was trying to tell me something. ☺♥☺


Catslave, he definitely has a waggly tail (don't their tails tell us so much?) Flkatz, it funny to watch Payton run from window to window if he sees another cat passing through his yard. Marlene, the CUDDLE has been passed on, thank you!


But does Payton have a waggly tail?! ☺☺☺


Great title Carol, like this alot! And Payton's still "finding" his new home enjoyable, and with you doing the same, that's all that counts. :)))))


I'd Say It Would Be Priceless. Hello To You Beautiful Kitty. I Wonder What You Are Thinking My Darling, [[MEOWS]]==[[MEOWS]] Ask Your Human Carer To Give You a BIG CUDDLE From Me. Thanks Carol66, For Sharing With Us. All The Best. Marlene.