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Puppy Pix #8

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Thanks, wolflady...the face my daughter fell for...


What a perfect face, so cute..


You're welcome, Jan. We love this semi-punk look; his full punk had the hairs sticking up straight across his head. It was so cute!

We miss the puppy stages with our dogs but appreciate the grown up dogs that they have become, don't we? (Maggie needs belly rubs and cuddles back!)


Darcy's poses - at all ages - just remind me so much of Maggie. I want to rub that little puppy belly and hug that big dog! He's just great! Thanks so much, Michelle!


Thank you greeneyedlady. (Love your profile could fit his momma (my daughter)!) Here's a picture of him all grown up (he's 8 years old in a couple of weeks):


What a beautiful face!


Well, we know Francine has been head cheerleader for the Darcy fan club! lol

Faye, we know that you've also enjoyed his all grown up pix too!

katney, he was quite the sweetie and was especially grateful to come to a home after being at the farm in a kennel after all his siblings had left to their new homes. He grew up (shown in my other puzzles) to be both sweet and energetic (re "feisty" - a typical Border Collie)

My daughter does call him her "brown eyed handsome man" and you can see that he has all the classic beauty that most people associate with a Border Collie. The question mark blaze just gives him that little "something", doesn't it?


Kissable, huggable!

Looks like a sweety.


Not I! A definite beauty.


Puppy Darcy...who could resist that face?