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Charlottesville! Unusual Looking Gas Station Office

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I took this photo last week. I stopped back by today and asked how old this place was. The owner siad they didn't know for sure because they bought it used in the 1950's.


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Good observation Gladstone. I'm not sure but I don't think so. It seems like I've been by that street before at night and it was dark. Their gas prices are pretty low though.
Thanks for the info gnt.
You got it, Treker.


I know most like that are old we have one here and it is decades .......they say iy was an old garage and gas station ages ago but was torn down and made into a little one like this one ......good pic


"Any port in a storm!" LOL


A lot of dispensers outside. Is it open 24 hours a day? Thanks.


A great one Warbler it appears to be built in the 30's as all the art deco things were on the highways back then.


pg_Virginia, It is on High St. just a couple of blocks off Hwy 250, close to the Riviana River on the right side of the road.
Thats interesting, Chickie, I figured it as one of a kind, although I have faint memories of something like it from long ago.
Texas, I couldn't tell you. I should have asked the owners more. There are no front serve windows but it could have been modified.


It seems too small for a gas station, because they had full service back then. Doesn't it look almost like an old Dairy Queen or sno cone type stand? Thanks for an interesting puzzle.


There is one in Vandalia, Illinois that looks like this.

Where in Charlottesville is this station located? The next time I drive up to the Valley, I would like to come thru C'ville and see it. Oh, and about redoing the picture with smaller pieces (-150- or so).