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hi i just posted a puzzle for you xx in miscellaneous lol

hi leenielou nice to meet you!!! So glad you are having fun with my puzzles x x


I'm in southern Arizona. I've been enjoying your colorful puzzles!

you might also like elizabeth george - cleopatra, queen elizabeth etc - i could go on for hours - pls reccomend me some good reads x x Thx from south africa - where in the world are you??

Gosh lucky you!!!!!!!!!! I love books like that - have you read barbara erskine - eg lady of hay?? if not you will love it - pls let me know!!


Brightspark: Yes, I've read all her books! I even have her autograph!

diana gabaldon is one of my favourite authors - did you ever read her 8 book series about claire and jamie??? About the outlanders where they travel back and forth in time - awesome, thx forsharing your shelf of books regards from south africa!


The humor of Mark Twain is my favorite! I read most of his works when I was a teenager. I'll have to look through his autobiography next time I'm there!