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Bonnie Chomps! Part 1 ... The Lick

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I was holding Bonnie while my daughter worked on trimming toe nails and clipping toe fur. (We need to be vigilant with this since she has a hard time staying on her feet these days and anything that reduces her traction has to go. )

I was giving her ever so tiny bits of freeze dried chicken breast as her reward. (Shhh...don't tell her Vet!). The poor old girl is going blind in her one seeing eye, is getting deaf (or at least even more selectively so) but her sense of smell is still ace! My fingers must have smelled like heaven...lick...lick...lick...lick...CHOMP!

Understand, she would never bite but the taste of a treat...and she just can't differentiate. My goodness, her teeth and jaws are still strong! The next photo in the series that my daughter was taking had she and her dad screaming with laughter and threatening me with posting it on facebook. NOT! I refuse to let anyone else see me in such an undignified pose...I yelped and the back teeth were showing...but if you don't tell them, I will admit that it is funny!


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Patti, welcome! As Francine says, we have all been thinking about you and sending caring thoughts towards you. I'm glad that you are enjoying our Bonnie too. We think that she is wonderful but we may be a tad biased. As you can see, she leads me around by the thumb! (LOL...if I wanted to frighten you all, I wouldn't have cropped my face out of the subsequent photo...the Chomp! It gave great joy to my family to know that they now have a photo with which to blackmail me, should they so desire...)

Francine...between that film and the Madness of King George...I am shaking my head here. We are just too...too....


Hi Patti :) good to see you. You're in my thoughts.


Michelle, I always come back to your babies' puzzles for further developments. No wonder Faye, Jan and you have been so supportive of my Pepper, having your own concerns about your precious pets.
...It's amazing how stoic dogs can be, isn't it?!

BTW, do you remember the movie 'The Last Emperor'? His stool was apparently checked on a daily basis also (and not by him!) and his diet adjusted accordingly. Just what you wanted to know ... :)


She looks like a real beauty! Thank you, Michelle!


It is so hard to see our little ones in pain, isn't it Ank? Bonnie has arthritis in her back and her hips: she had way too many litters as a breeding bitch and it really depleted her bones. Our Meara (female) and Darcy (male - youngest) are both 8 years old: there is 8 months difference in age between them and Bonnie is their mother. (They have different fathers.) We do know that Bonnie's last 5 litters were each 8 months apart (every heat cycle) and we have heard from others that she had 8 litters in total. She does not complain so you have to watch her motions and stiffness to judge how well she is doing on any particular day.

It is good to be able to talk to each other and learn new ways of coping and helping our little pet-friends. Thank you for sharing with me.


Our Coffee had three bouts of pancreatitis and around 11 1/2 developed diabetes. She also suffered from tendonitis a little after. While we tried hard to prevent her from jumping we also had both back legs treated with laser (whenever we planned holidays up country, especially) which worked wonders...she even started jumping again...for treats...of her own accord! Perhaps this might work for Bonnie and Micky.

P.S. The vet and his techies would even use short burst on their own injuries. :)))


Micky is ten years. And I thinks she is starting to have arthritis too. So I have to take care with her.


Bonnie needs the medications for her arthritis too. She is in too much pain and is too stiff without it, we found. Also it helps stabilize her pancreas. How old is Micky? I am wondering if she is a lot younger...


Yes indeed, people will wonder. But I don't mind, I always check her poo. And when it's too light I know she had something wrong. Micky is doing so well now that she don't need medications anymore.


That is good to hear, Ank. Thanks for sharing it with me; I am going to let my daughter know too since Darcy also has pancreatic problems. You do understand with the stools and vomiting...people must wonder if they hear us asking each other "how were her stools?". Both dogs are also now on Prednisone to help with inflammation (and Famotidine to protect the stomach from the Prednisone). We have noticed that it does help with Bonnie's pain. I also try to take her in for acupuncture too. Whatever will help her. At this point in her life, it's all about making her as comfortable as possible.

So maybe she can share treats with Micky after all! LOL


Hi Michelle, I know the problem. Micky also has Pancreas problems. I jus have to take very good care not to give her something fat. The veterinarian said I can give meat, but take care for everything fat. Now for two years I do, she does not have problems now. The stool is good (also the color, nice dark) and no longer vomiting. So I'm glad she is doing well now.


LOL! You got it, Dave!


Well, come on! We gotta get the whole thing. I mean leaving any behind would be bad manners. :-)))


She loves her hugs, Adriana! She is going to be smiling from ear to ear!


A big hug for bonnie from Adriana


Nah... I'll probably let it happen again! She didn't break skin, just dented it for a while. LOL!! I can't get upset with her for anything...she's spoiled but not rotten, so there you go!


Ouch! I'll bet you'll be cautious next time. That can happen so easily - and quickly.


Poor Bonnie is so driven by her nose and is so food oriented these days that she just can't help getting a little over-enthusiastic, Jan. She can't really see the difference, after all! (My hand was coming in from her blind side.) She didn't quite get that she had done it...probably because I was saying "owie owie owie" and laughing at the same time. The other two thought they had done something wrong though...Meara kissed me and apologized and Darcy ran for the hills (or at least the office). It was too funny!

We'd love to have her share treats with Micky, Ank, but she isn't allowed them any more. Her digestive system has had one too many upsets over the long years before we got her and having all those puppies didn't help. We have to watch her pancreatic enzyme levels so she is strictly on prescription food from the Vet. (Every once in a while, we do sneak a little bit of lean chicken in though...;-D)

I have a puzzle of the two of us together yesterday:


He Bonnie, if they don't give you enough treats, just come to me. I have lots of that chicken treats, Micky is also fond of it. And you know, Micky knows there is enough, so she has no problem to share.


What a sweet old girl. It is so embarrassing to them when they accidentally nip you, either in play or feeding. If I react (yelp) at all, Maggie drops whatever she's doing and rushes to look in my eye.

These photos of Bonnie wrench my heart. I certainly feel for what is going on with her. Obviously you all are taking the best care of her possible. :))