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Cape Cod style Gingerbread House

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You little brother was in JK . Jesse (with that tail) was in his class that year and he won the gingerbread house. (Jesse stayed English stream.) That makes you Grade 2. I've got to find the old photos....


Um, this was when I was either in grade 3 or 5 and I'm going more with the latter so both of those are after 1987.


But the tickets were only 25 cents (5 for a dollar)! Wait a minute...the loonie didn't appear until many loonies could you have had?


And everyone knew when I was buying a raffle ticket, my loonies were always covered in gingerbread dough...


...and, oh ya, the whole thing except the board it's on and the "smoke" coming out the chimney, is edible!

The winner was a little boy in Kindergarten. His mom told me that he and his older brother had a load of fun breaking it up and eating it over the Christmas holidays.


Hi, Jan: I have made simpler houses over this years; this was probably the most complicated because I wanted it to have some value for the raffle. I'm sure my smaller homes are comparable to many of the ones in your puzzles.

I have to admit that I made this one about 25 years ago and didn't even know that my daughter had scanned a photo that someone had given us (the photo is crooked, not the house) until I just "found" it.

I made up a lot of techniques as I went and this was a big project. It took me a couple of days just to design the house and figure out the architectural details that I wanted to try to incorporate and draft my sketches to two dimensional flats to make cardboard templates. I worked with these to get proportions right and to make adjustments (mainly on the bay window in back and on the dormers - those are three dimensional - just don't look it in the picture). Another long day of making all the dough required (this is a very big house), a day of rolling, cutting, texturing and baking. Two days to decorate.

That string of lights that I made...I was nuts to invent that. I took green shoelace licorice and split it lengthwise (I think more than once) so that it would drape properly and then "glued" silver dragees on with royal icing, one by one. Fiddly, fiddly, fiddly work. Did I say I was NUTS!

There is a ton of detail you can't see from this picture. There is:
wreath on the door
welcome mat at the door
stained glass 1/2 eyebrow window above door (I melted coloured lifesavers)
all other windows are glass (I melted clear mint hard candy)
prints from snowy boots going up the front stairs and on the porch
kid shoveling snow off ice rink
kid falling on ice
mailbox with name
access ramp (I have always believed that all new construction should be fully accessible - even gingerbread homes!)
open back door at top of ramp, mom on landing at door (wearing apron)
all windows shuttered
hand marked bricks
christmas trees are 3D
inside house:
tiled with yellow/white tiled floor
kitchen table and chairs
fireplace with fire "burning", stockings hung
rocking chair and couch
Christmas tree with presents underneath

I think that there are other details that I'm forgetting. I'll have to dig up the photos someday to refresh my memory. This is not the every year type of ghouse, that's for sure!


I think it is gorgeous! Now I will NEVER show the dreadful things I made! :D
Are those strings of lights across the eaves in front? Such detailing!

p.s. I really like the smaller sizes you've been posting!


Sorry for the quality. I made this gingerbread house many years ago to raise funds for my kids' school. It was displayed in a glass case (graininess in scanned pic). It has a bay window at the back through which you can see a decorated Christmas tree; it is fully furnished on the interior (peek-a-boo slot in roof at back of house, incorporates an access ramp, kids are skating, etc. Will have to find other "old syle" (lol) photos.

(This one's a lot more work Jan! My own design.)