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Meara in Ferns Kaleidoscope for Dogmom Jana

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This kaleidoscope was created from the inset photo that I took of our Meara when she was only 12 weeks old. She loved playing peek-a-boo in the ferns and I managed to catch her in the act with a camera one day. It's hard to believe that that was over 8 years ago now! The frame is art glass.


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Good morning Michell, thank you for the nice message this morning my husband got up before me and my girls , so I told him to take pictures of us , as we sleep, but did not make it, the dogs jumped out of bed and were happy that morning. Also laughing at me , I'm sitting at the computer and I write to strangers about our dogs and flowers. But I was entertained and interested . Yesterday I wanted to take a picture of Laura, make nice photos, all are blurred, not for a while. I send one, but there again I stumbled hand , perhaps it does not matter. I wish you and your loved ones a nice day , it's started to freeze -10 C (17 F ) cold, but no snow . #jigsawpuzzle #puzzle


Good morning, Jana! I am glad I met you too. My husband laughs at me, talking to people around the world about our dogs. (He is used to me talking to people everywhere I go and now I am doing it on the internet too.) He loves our dogs too and is the type of person that all dogs go to for love and attention. I hope that you had a good day today (you are 6 hours ahead of me in time) and that you will also give your dogs some cuddles from me! ;-D

Dobré ráno, Jana! Jsem rád, ?e jsem t? potkal taky. M?j man?el se sm?je na m?, mluvit s lidmi na celém sv?t? o na?ich psech. (On se pou?ívá ke mn? mluvit s lidmi, kamkoliv jdu, a te? to d?lám na internetu taky.) Miluje na?e psy a taky je typ ?lov?ka, který v?ichni psi jdou do lásky a pozornosti. Doufám, ?e jste m?li dobrý den dnes (jste 6 hodin p?ede mnou v ?ase), a ?e bude také dát své psy n?které Cuddles ode m?!


Thank you Michel, you translate the text into English, it's beautiful, as you say, to talk with the man who is at the other end of the world. I think if somebody's like animals and nature, must be a good person. I'm glad I met you and that we're sending nice pictures and nice messages. Have a nice day and I look forward to the next puzzle from you. Kiss your dog from my dogs


Ahoj, Jana! P?elo?il jsem va?e slova, ale Jigidi nenese správné akcenty prost?ednictvím tak n?kdy p?ekladatel nefunguje dob?e. Nicmén?, zdá se pochopit, v?t?ina z toho ve srovnání s anglickým p?ekladem. To je zábava! Kdo by nenapadlo, ?e bychom mohli takhle mluvit? V r?zných jazycích, polovina hony vzdálené od sebe! V?dy jsem v??il, ?e v?t?ina lidí jsou stejné vespod a ?e v?echno, co chci, je být ??astný, být milován a mít dobrý vztah s rodinou a na?i p?átelé (v?etn? na?ich domácích p?áteli!). Chápu o mobilní telefon a sna?í se fotit ve tm?! Nicmén?, dovedu si p?edstavit, jak to vypadá, proto?e jsem vid?l va?e dal?í témata va?e roztomilé chlupaté kamarády!

Hi, Jana! I have translated your words but Jigidi doesn't carry the proper accents through so sometimes the translator does not work well. However, I seem to understand most of it compared with your English translation. This is fun! Who would ever think that we could talk like this? In different languages, half the world away from each other! I have always believed that most people are the same underneath and that all we want is to be happy, be loved and to have a good relationship with our family and our friends (including our pet friends!). I understand about the cell phone and trying to take pictures in the dark! However, I can imagine what it looks like since I have seen your other pictures of your cute furry friends! ;-D


My husband didn't do me a picture of how I sleep with my dog girls, but it is always dark and the pictures, it's just a cell phone and when I turn on my girls in the morning and have no photo
M?j mu? m? je?t? neud?lal fotku, jak spím se svými psími holkami, je ale v?dy tma a fotím to jenom mobilem a kdy? rozsvítím, holky mají ráno a ?ádná fotka, do you translate it, Mischel?


I am glad you like it, Jana! You have a good day too!


Thank you Michele, you did a very nice photo, I am pleased, our dogs when they were little, played in tall flowers and ferns, thay are probably all the same, have a nice day :-))


Monica, if you look very carefully at the green in this puzzle, you can actually see Meara's face repeated 4 times. Cool effect! (hint - look at the round circles and compare them to the inset photo of her face.) ;-D


Absolutely lovely! Thanks so much Michelle, for doing these, its been so much fun!