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Thank you for the star!

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A lovely gift from a mysterious jigidi friend ... Anonymous5 !!


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Now you mention it, the star matches "your" orange hair perfectly!!!!


Thank you very much Lorna! Yes, there are lots of incredibly nice people here on jigidi !!
Do you think it suits me? I think it looks okay with my orange hair, don't you!?!


How wonderful that you now have a star Cathy! Congratulations! There are some lovely people on jigidi who are also so generous. Enjoy your star - I am sure you will!


Thank you sooo much Anonymous 5!! Whoever you are ... you are a sweetheart!

One of life's little secrets. :)
Enjoy your star.


Thank you very much Lyndee. Humm! So I may never know who gave me this neat gift ... but like you I will remember their generosity!

Thank you very much Suzy! Yes, I've already noticed that. I keep thinking of people I forgot to put on the list. I added you and lyndee and Ank yesterday but I forgot to add Morris. How could I forget Morris!?!


Cathy-You will see your favorite list grow and grow and grow! It is much easier to keep track of things having a star. Congrats to you!


Congratulations Cevas on your star. Somebody bought me a star in December. Jigidi have some great people on it. Never did find out who did it, but I haven't forgotten their generosity.


Thank you Ank!! I know what you mean ... I have 20 favourites now!!! Thank you for making me feel welcome in this group.


Well this is a lovely star. And I'm glad you have a star. But take care Cathy, before you know that list is long, longer, very long, too long. LOL , mine is.
I'm glad you enjoy all stars, welcome.


Thank you Li !! You are now officially on my list! I wanted a picture of an orange star but this was as close as I could get.


I've been reading the comments below. That is wonderful for you, Cathy. I'd love to be one of your favorites, too. You've been on my list for while. I like this picture, by the way. It's really pretty with the sun shining on the blooms. Thanks.


Thank you Laurajane. You are on my list too!! Yes, I am blessed and grateful.


Yes, isn't it fun, Cathy? You are blessed. Great shot!


I'm up to 8 favourites now!! And it tells me who is online. How neat is that!!!


Oh! Thanks Cathy!!! It can get a little crowded there when it collects ALL the puzzles!


Thank you Rob! I never noticed that line before. I just added you to my 'Favourite List' So far yours is the only name on the list. I'm enjoying this already!!


Congrats Cathy!!! It's a pleasant surprise isn't it? It happened to me last year too, & my kind donor revealed herself a day or so later!!
To add someone to your 'Favourite' list - you click onto their home-page & just above their avatar there is 'Add to Favourite' - & you just click on that.


Thank you aggie! I finished a puzzle and looked at the leaderboard. There was my jigidi name with a star beside it. What a pleasant surprise!!


Thank you Faye!! How do I put people into the "Favourites" section?

Thank you Floyd! I thought it was interesting because it has one stem and four blooms!!


Lovely flower and star, thanks cevas.


Attractive flower. Thanks Cathy for sharing.


Lucky you. Congratulations! It's so much easier clicking on your "Favourites" saves so much time. :)))