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Another Jamaican Sunset!

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Thank you so very much, Gracie. I thought so at the time. Wish we were back there! :(


Wow!! this is one is so beautiful! thanks Jan!


Thanks so much, Chickie. Even without the red/gold/orange, I liked this one a lot!


Beautiful sunset JiggyBelle!!!


JC, good advice. At my old house, I got one of the best sunrises ever and I look at it in amazement every time. Now, if I can just find it, again.

Aggie - Boy, you sure can't, can you? At least I can't. I try them at the Oregon coast and they just aren't the same "glow!"

Ardy - I am so glad to hear that! I'll look for more when I can. It's always nice to calm down in front of a good sunset - - or a good field - - or a good fire, for that matter!

I'm humming (oh, heck, I'm singing!) right along with you, Hester. I guess if sunsets lasted too much longer, we would start taking them for granted........nah!


This one make me want to hum "Sittin' on the dock of a bay". You could watch this for hours....if it only lasted that long :-))


This beauty is bright enough that I can tell it's a boat and not a rock with a blue top out there in the water. Love those clouds. Not tired of them yet. As Aggie says we don't get them like that around here. Thank you.


But you can't get sunsets like that around here, beautiful Jan, thank you.


Jan, sometimes I look back at variations of the same sunset and post one with a different angle or a slightly different foreground. Wait a while, then look again. You may go, "I like this one better."


Thanks, JC. I've just about run out of new ones. I have many variations on ones I've already published, but probably won't post those. You know how it goes once you start "snapping!" :D


Beautiful, Jan!