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Diminishing kaleidoscopes

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Thanks, Fraze.

love the cool colours


Hooley Dooley, but you see some odd things, QB2! Love your imagination! Thanks :-)

You're welcome, lindaisling - good to see you share that vivid imagination :-) Thanks.

Yes, Old Cheese, that's what it is. Drats! Thought I'd cunningly disguised it :-)

Oh dear, Shirley - they weren't meant to be multiplying... honest! Trooly rooly! Thanks, mate :-)

My goodness, not you too Little BC :-) How did you know about the Zorbian Mardi Gras!

Thanks, Snooker darling, it means many things to many people... apparently :-)
All I see is a flamin' kaleidoscope!


Oriental maybe? Everyone is seeing something different in this masterpiece.

Zorbian Mardi Gras emblem!


The pieces where not diminishing as I solved this one, if anything I think they were multiplying, I think oddio has it, Zorbian Game board, and a very pretty board at that, Thanks Chrissie. :):)


Zorbian Parcheesi board


Cool, I see them also! I love the color combination. I also found the shapes challenging to put together. Thanks for sharing your puzzle.


I think I see 6 "Flash Gordon" type space men, with hands on hips, guarding the secret weapon in the center of the kaleidoscope!! Love the purple and gold!! Thankyou for the fun!! :)