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Sea Shells by the Sea shore

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I was pleased with this one myself, glad you liked it too Francine. Thank you.


Say that three times fast, Jan, Thank you.


Thanks so much Chrissie, Bit of a change from counting sheep Chrissie. LOL. :):)


Thank you, Francine, for thinking of me, every things very wet and soggy, but we're safe, there are alot of people in terrible trouble with flooding and torn apart homes, they expect 3,000 homes (in queensland) will be effected by flooding, only a small amount compared to the big flood 2 years ago, never the less it bad enough, The rain and flooding is now going down south into NSW.


Just solved this. Lovely texture and colours. Thanks Shirley. (:58)


Sea shell on the sea shore by Shirley is simply spectacular. Stanks.


This is lovely, Shirley. Of course, I'll be falling asleep muttering 'she sells sea shells by the seashore' tonight! Thanks, mate :-)


Shirley, just read yours mentioning the rain gauge overflowing and your being isolated for a few days. Sorry too about people in Woodgate losing their lives and you're having to postpone your holiday.
Stay safe - you're in my thoughts.


Thanks Rob, our messages crossed, we haven't checked our gauge this morning, like you the rain is bucketing down, the wind blew strongly last night but has eased some what this morning, we are safe but the roads are cut in several places, so I'll just have to create puzzles and play on Jigidi.


Thank you, snooker, that's about it, either feast or famine.


This is lovely Shirley - thanks.
We are getting battered by really strong winds here & driving rain at the moment!! We had 50mm (2") yesterday & 60mm this morning in the gauge. It's horizontal at times & everything feels damp. We 're high up so no chance of flooding. They ABC radio is posting regular warnings & I'm just grateful that we're not right on the coast!! Just as well you didn't leave for Woodgate - you'd have got hammered!! Stay safe.


Lovely puzzle - the frame looks like sand.
First you have heat and no rain and then too much rain. Stay safe.


Our daughter just rang, with the news that Woodgate ( where we were to holiday ) was hit by a tornado and 4 people lost their lives, not sure yet of all the damage, our creek at the back of our house is about to break its banks, we are safe from it. although we will not get out of our property for a few days.


Awful! Sorry to hear that. Do hope your weather decides to be more accommodating.


Thank you, Francine, where it was sunny weather they had lovely celebrations, but here in Queensland, lots of cancellations, north queensland is being battered with rain, wind, from a cyclone and to top that off tornado like storms, lots of flooding and damage to homes, and the rain is coming down the coast, it has not stopped raining for two days where I am, we were to go north on a holiday leaving next saturday, not sure now.


Thanks, Pat.


Thank you, fileusa, that must be a lovely collection you have.


Shirley, belated Happy Australia Day! Hope yesterday was a fun day for you.


Very pretty thanks


l love this picture. Sea shells, one of my favourite pastimes collecting them by the seashores...