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The Great Gandarce!

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His person was having a certain special birthday and, naturally, wanted fireworks and Gandalf. We made do with sparklers on the cake and the appearance of the Great Gandarce!

I couldn't believe that I could find an appropriate wizards hat at the pet store; I was expecting to have to make something myself. (The other side has witches and stuff on it...we put the back side front for this celebration.)

Darcy LOVED wearing the hat. With his lighted lead, he was styling and he fairly pranced when he accompanied the cake into the room Of course, he did step out of character and sang "Happy Birthday" in his own inimitable way! LOL.


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LOL... you never know what he'd do with it. Our puppy dogs have enough magic as it is, haven't they Ank?


Lovely Michelle but please don't give him a magic book.


Darcy would like the bribe but actually just loves the attention when he gets dressed up like an eejit, Hester. Meara feels a bit put out unless it's feminine and pretty and purple...strange dog! Bonnie is just confused by the whole business, as a proper Border Collie should be. Gee...Freddy is big enough to wear real people clothing....hmmmm....I see a series here! (lol)


He looks as cute as dammit! Freddy, too, is quite obliging when being asked to dress up like a plonker, but only if there is edible bribery on offer! ;-)


Awww. So do our guys!


Pooch fine - thanks...:) He loves the snow.


No problem, Jana. You are working in a different language so it's all good!!

Glad you liked it's Pepper?


This is great. Thanks Michelle.


I'm sorry, I misread it, but I wish all the best.-))


Tee hee...what a magical boy! :DDD

P.S. A belated Happy Birthday!


Excellent photo-I was expecting the beginnings of some kind of magic to be showing. I think its facinating that some animals do seem to llike to "dress up" and wonder why that is. Lucky them!


Good Morning, Miss Early Bird! Maggie loves her singing too...we should video them doing it! I'm glad you liked the photos, he's a funny little beggar when it comes to wearing costumes...he likes it! ;0


What is there about the Happy Birthday song that makes them develop a "singing routine?" It's hilarious!

Great photo of Darcy!


I will tell my daughter Happy Birthday from you, Jana...she will probably see this since she's on Jigidi too. (Her birthday was a few months ago, which was when I took this photo.) He is cuddled up with his mommy (my daughter) on the couch. Darcy just loves celebrations!


Happy Birthsday, good luck and health, thank you Michele