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Our 2011 Christmas Tree (for Rose)

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I'm sharing last year's tree because we haven't got the tree up yet this year. Soon!


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Thank you, Jan. I hope to have things ready by the weekend. I haven't been able to get a real tree for several years but when we did, my family laughed that I had to find the biggest tree at the tree farm. We used to make popcorn and cranberry strings for garland on the real ones and then when we put the tree outside, the birds and squirrels had their winter snack too! I had to find something else when we move to the artificial and since I had ribbon...


Michelle, this is a lovely tree. I am glad you are going to post individual ornaments. It will be fun to see what you have as "memories." The shape of the tree is lovely - just the right amount of fullness - and I think the ribbon "finishes" it off nicely!


Thank you Hooknstitch. We do love our memory tree! I hope that you'll come back and enjoy more once we put up this year's tree.

Oh, Rose, I am so please to hear you say that! I am feeling warm and fuzzy now! I will have to make a series of pix of the special ornaments (i.e. The Wallace (of Wallace and Gromit) on the tree that you can see when you magnify it was made out of the Fimo clay by my daughter and the handmade dough ornaments that my aunt made for me too. )

btw: Rose, you are NOT an old woman. Age is a state of mind. One of the youngest people I knew was my husband's grandmother and her joie-de-vivre and youthful attitude to life and learning (up to her 80's and 90's) has been my shining example. I have stories to tell about her! One of the oldest people I knew was a guy from high school. At 16, he was middle-aged! He hasn't changed. lol ;D




Beautiful! You have made this old woman very happy this morning to see a puzzle for her. ; ) I have made the "time" on the chart, for completion, but it will probably only be there for a few minutes. Thank you, Puzzaddled, I will come back to this and study the ornaments again, and again. ; )