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Nov 23/2013: Waning Gibbous Moon #1

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After all the dreary clouds and wet periods today, it is an absolutely crisp, clear and cold night. The stars are brightly shining and so is the moon. I seem to be addicted to trying to capture it's phases right now so for those who are "over the moon" with me, enjoy!


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I'm having too much fun taking photos of the moon. You'd think I'd never seen it before! (Well, I guess I haven't really, not like this, and not with my own hand!)


Fabulous. Thanks for posting, Michelle.


Jim, you have a pocket camera? You take gorgeous photos with it; my hat is metaphorically tipped to you! You have a great eye and all the fancy equipment in the world doesn't give you that!


I know we will, Ardy, I feel it "in my bones" and they never lie, do they? When I finally met Francine, it was as if we had known each other for years and years! Joining jigidi has been such an incredible experience...could you imagine what it would be like if we could do a "jigidi convention" and be able to meet and spend some time with all the folks that we've come to know and like so much here? Oh, what fun!


I love all of your moon photos, Michelle!
Thanks for sharing these great photos with someone who has a pocket camera!


Michelle, I do believe I would be "over the moon" just to be with you. When we finally meet - and I do believe that we actually will - it will be so special for me. Thanks for another incredible photo.