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Royal Unicorn

540 pieces
86 solves
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Thank you paulie, I'm so glad you liked this one, it's one of my favorites and of course I love the colors in this picture. It did take a bit of time to solve, for me almost three hours, but I hope you found it well worth the time as I did.


thankyou darla for this one,took me longer to do this than any other i have done.

Thank you debsgpc, your a women after my own heart, I love the large challenging puzzles too!
I'm delighted you enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed the challenge of this puzzle and the size! Thank you Darla!

Your right, The Devil's incarnate makes much more sense! I'm so pleased to hear she's doing better & I'll be even more pleased when you tell everyone their completely GONE!!!
Now about these 5,499,999 piece know it's necessary for me. I just love them large jigs.
But you know you can always asked me to post something smaller for you, right???
I have to chuckle's not often I see your name next to a two plus hour time, lol ;)))
I'm happy you enjoyed it. My turn now!


I honestly don't think any Divine being had anything to do with those varmits, YRH! They are the DEVIL INCARNATE!!! She is doing so much better today, thanks for asking ;-)))
Now about these 5,499,999 piece that really necessary?!? Have fun, I sure did...thanks ;-)))

I know girl, lol............but if it makes you feel any better, I don't think I can resist this one either.
I was just waiting for more people to solve it.
How's your baby? Still itching? Poor little girl.........them pests sure did do a number on her!
What was God thinking when he created them pests?


Oh noooooooooo!!! YRH, you KNEW I wouldn't be able to resist this one even if you made it HUGE!!! ;-)))))