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Reflections 2012.... (S) ....

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Inspired by our creative director and Master of Orbs, Jill and our technical director and Master of Elegance, Shirley, who showed us how to make reflections..... :) :)
T H A N K Y O U Dear Friends ! ! !


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Thank you dear, dear friends.... I'm overwhelmed by your comments of appreciation and praise.... This has been a truly great year... Fun and friendship, with humor, compassion, comfort and understanding thrown in, all goes so well together.... Creating digital art and turning works into puzzles is incredibly good fun... Thank you all again for being there to solve them, give inspiration, tips and much needed technical advise....

Have a super New Year everyone.... May 2013 give you all you deserve, want and need... And the peace, health, prosperity and happiness to enjoy it to the max.... :) :)

Hugs from Down Under
Ditto and Foxy


A feast of color sprinkled with luscious orbs, which quite surpass mine, by the way. These orbs are beautiful. I am humbled by your saying I was an inspiration for these, dear one. You are most welcome. Sincerely, MOO..... :-)


This is quite an inspired piece. All of the small pieces, all reflective and put together for one great puzzle. I know you have explained it is a program that you use, but this is quite magnificent!


Thanks SMor for another wonderful puzzle.


I'm glad you two enjoy producing these artworks. We get all the benefits!


Reflections really enhanced what was already beautiful. This tableau could adorn any wall in an art gallery. Sally, many thanks for this collection, reminding me of them. (2:24)


WOW! More things I didn't know were possible to do - reflections. Excellent.


Wonderful your Foxness and look forward to many more if you both survive cousin Vinny. I know Santa will forgive you both but you cannot pull on Santa's pants any more.


Oh! Simply stunning Sally! You've given us so much beauty in 2012 and I'm looking forward to more in 2013! Thank you and have a happy new year!


This is so grand and glorious it literally leaves me speechless, a rare started and couldn't stop.


What a wonderful collection, adorable - I love it.


Credit given where credit due, Our Shirley..... Thanks to your reaching out and pushing the boundaries of Elements and sharing your finds with us, we're inspired to pursue and explore many directions for our Digital Art.... Your creativity and talents are truly delightful and indeed inspiring.... Thanks, mate..... :) :)


Thank you, Kirsten.... I'm so pleased you enjoy them... Your comments inspire and encourage me to keep exploring the possibilities.... To do more and make them even better.... Thanks again.... :) :)


Sally I'm thrilled that you would give me credit for the reflections, each one of these is an exquisite example of YOUR creativeness, nothing to do with me, my friend, I do love everyone of them, Thank you Sally, so much. :):)


A perfect selection of your gorgeous artwork, Sally! All the fantastic things you do are so beautifully represented in this collection. Thanks very much for the beauty, and the fun. :)))