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Sebrights plus 1 roosting in the tree

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I didn't Gail, but if I could I would and not be the least bit sorry for it either.


Uh, regarding that hawk, Edie ~ you didn't do it, and you'll never do it again, eh?


My foot was injured 5 weeks ago Jana, it's almost better now, hugs :-))


Love this photo and your new avatar. Thank you so much Edie. I hope you have not hurt foot.
Have a wonderful weekend :-)) hugs


You're very welcome PJ. Isnt't Jigidi fun, not only do you get to make and solve puzzle, you learn new things as you go :-))


What a fabulous picture, Edie. How lovely to see them all roosting there.


Goodness - Edie - how exciting!!! I've never seen chickens roosting in a tree before either, how interesting - thanks for all your explanations. I reallly do appreciate how you let us know about the life of chickens,


Thanks Rosie and Barb. My cousin has the clip the wing feathers on a couple of hers or they would be in the neighbours yard all the time and hers are all standard size. It's only my bantams that fly really well and the smallest ones, the Sebrights, are the best flyers.


I hadn't realized that they could fly this high, Edie. Must be enjoying the shade on a hot day. Thanks for sharing. :-)


I never knew chickens could fly. I always thought they couldn't but have never seen any other kind but regular chickens before Jigidi. This looks so strange to me---chickens in a tree!!! Cute and funny. I love it.


Also wanted to mention that the Sebrights now have their combs and I'm pretty sure I have 3 hens and 2 roos which is exactly what I wanted. Sort of like the heir and the spare :-))


Thanks everyone for you fun comments. Yes chickens do love to roost in trees. Mine do it all the time and sometimes a lot higher up than this. The bantam Amerecaunas and the Sebrights are great flyers. The big standard hens are not. The small ones can easily fly 8 ft to the top of the coops and also quite long distances as well. They are not under the protection of the net here Ardy but they do have the protection of the trees. The hawk was killing them in the open area where the coops are and that is what is now covered. Nothing is fool proof and a hungry hawk would be able to get one in the trees or fly under the net if he really wanted to. That has never happened in the summer. It's late fall and winter that the hawks become more daring as their food source of mice and rabbits become more scarce. There was a small dead hawk in the far paddock that I noticed while cutting grass. No idea what happened to him, but I didn't do it :-)))


So funny! I confess, I have never seen this before. Thanks, Edie!


Made me laugh, Edie. Whoever says chickens can't fly has never chased one. LOL Ours used to roost in a huge oak near the barn unless they were on nests.


Great to see Edie. They look very much at home there.


Have you seen the hawk lately, Edie? Aren't they away from protection when they are in the tree? Great photo. Thanks.