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Magnolia Kaleidoscope for Dave

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Now this one will be easier on your eyes! I thought that you would really like the dark amber / white opal glass frame. The leaves and branches of the magnolia themselves added a faux stained glass effect, which I quite like. It is reminiscent of the mandala I did for Francine, where the field was glass.

This is the original photo that I took several years ago at the Bok Tower Gardens in Florida:


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Thank you, clogdancer! I am glad that you enjoyed it.


I'll keep this simple --- I like this very much and the frame is lovely too. Thanks.




Mary Nolan, I am so pleased to meet you! While I live in Toronto, I have been down in your neck of the woods many times: my dad is a snowbird and has a house very near by Kissimmee. So, hi neighbour! I'm glad you liked it, it's my favourite so far in my very few days of creating. (My mom won wanted Josephine so I know from where you're coming...LOL)

Francine, not a problem since I'm just learning as I go anyway. How about we do this by email? I can send you links that I've tried playing with, etc. I am glad you liked it!


Diverse already! Am impressed, Michelle. In fact, would you mind sharing your technique with me, just a little bit, pretty please? Is this an Elements 11 Effect?


Oh, it's wonderful! I was obligated to solve it since my half-sister wanted to name me Magnolia when I was born. Fortunately Mary Nolan Anderson won out, she's not right in the head but we're very Southern! LOL I'm very familiar with Bok Tower as we live in Orlando. Yes, the carillon is wonderful, my favorite thing about it! 5:15 Thanks, puzzaddled!

puzzaddled is dedicated to you! (Bet you knew that too...all those grins!) I thought that the piece of glass was so apropos for exactly the reason you said: it looks like a beautiful piece of wood. (Not one of my own pieces, I just went shopping on sites that sell to the artisan (or dabbler, as I have been.)

You must take the opportunity to go to Bok Tower Gardens...the beauty and peace are amazing. I am surprised that you didn't know about it, birder that you are. It is near Lake Wales (south of Orlando) and was one of the most enjoyable gardens we have ever visited. The carillon tower is just superb too. ;-D


Now this is a real beauty! The background IS close to being art glass like. I looked back at the original puzzle/photo. I've been throughout Flordia many times but am not familiar with Bok Tower Gardens. I'll have to Google it. Golden center, four red "transitional centers" four major lobes of white and the frame is exquisite! I would have bet it was a burl or curcasion walnut. It took me a minute to take in what you said you did to make the frame. Whoever that is that you dedicated this one to is very fortunate:-)))))))))))).


Kathy, I just got PS Elements 11 for Christmas and finally started playing with it yesterday. I am trying to find out what works and what doesn't, for me. This was a better subject and one that I was better pleased with than the first couple of efforts (over in my alter-ego puzzaddled profile).

Thank you again, kittenlove. I'll keep trying and see if I can live up to it! ;-D

puzzaddled2, I just happened on it at the same time....but thank you...really pretty work you do.


Just learning how to do these, this is a wonderful one, thanks.


Thank you, kittenlove. Goodness, you found it quickly! it.