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Thank you for replying to my question Shirley, I had guessed it was probably Australia you were all from but I wanted to know for certain. I am really sorry to read your comments about the terrible fires you are experiencing there and I hope they all die down soon. It must be very worrying and frightening for you all there. My thoughts and prayers are with you. And on a lighter note I hope you will continue producing beautiful fractals for us to do on Jigidi. They seem to be very popular there in Australia. I live in northern England, in Cumbria, UK, and I wish I had heard of them here and was able to learn how to do them. Best regards to all in Australia and keep safe.


Thanks for you encouraging comments, Shirley.

I am saddened to hear about the horrible fires you are experiencing down under. Our son lives and works in northwestern Canada and they experienced one of the worst fire seasons on record last summer. He was telling us about seeing the dry lightening while he was flying and then seeing the smoke rise from yet another fire. It is good for certain things (like Jack Pines) but so tough when people and animals are displaced or injured or killed. I do hope that you get some relief soon...


Thank you, clogdancer for your lovely comment.
Myself, Robryan and RandomWorship are all from Australia, we are all experiencing very hot weather, and very bad fires with many homes lost to the fires, thankfully there has only been a small lost of human life, but many livestock, fencing and farm buildings.


I love reading all these comments here from fellow jigidians, but I am curious to know where you all live as you mention the heat and fires. So where are you all from please?


This is very pretty, lovely colours. It reminds me of coral and sea horses in a tropical ocean.


Thank you very much, BillieR.

All I can say it, this is a jewel!!!!


Thank you, Kirsten, I think everyone is tired of this heat, not so good when the nights stay so hot, I'm sure you were glad when the cool change came in. My baby wrens have left the nest, Just waiting for a cool change now, not tomorrow they say.


Thanks for that little beauty Shirley!!

And I hope your heat is slightly less intense than what we just experienced. Yesterday was about 40, and last night finally dropped to about 27 at 2 am, and then shot back up to 30 at 3 am! The cool change eventually moved in at about 8 am. Thank goodness!!

I hope your wrens vacate your hedge soon too. :)))


Thank you, Rob. for your lovely comment, Never ready for this heat, sure could do with some rain here too, I'm waiting for a cool change as I have a hedge in need of a pruning, wrens nested in the hedge, and I've been waiting for them to leave the nest, Glad Jigidi doing the right thing for you.


Thank you, fileusa.


Thank you, snooker.


Thank you very much, Michelle, for your lovely comment.
Michelle I just popped over and solved the lovely puzzle you created for me, please never feel embarrassed to offer me your puzzles, we all have our own style of creating, this is the beauty of creating, what a dull world it would be if we all created everything the same. keep up the good work.


The thumbnail doesn't do this one justice Shirley - it's a real beauty when solved!! It looks like jewels shining!! Thanks. Are you ready for another hottie tomorrow? Sounds like it will be short-lived, thank goodness!! We desperately need some rain - we've had only 2mm since the New Year!!
Jigidi is behaving itself today - go figure!!!


very attractive piece of art.


Lovely one.


Shirley, this is just exquisite! What an eye you have...

After seeing this, I am a little embarrassed to offer this to you, but anyway.... ;-D, Michelle


Jan, it's 8 am here, I've been up for a couple of hours, yes it is still very hot in places, some fires have settled others are still burning, and then there are new ones starting, not good.


Thought you would be in bed but looks as though you are awake. Is it still very hot there? Had not heard much about the bad fires are they settling down a bit?


Thank you, Ank, Good evening to you, I've been very busy lately, finding it hard to get around to everyone, just not enough time in a day.


Very beautiful Shirley. Good morning. Everything OK? Have a beautiful day friend.