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January 8th birthday

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This the Elvis I remember best. My sisters and I would go see his movies ... in those days, always a double feature. I have an original "Girls, Girls, Girls" long playing (33rpm) vinyl record with a similar photo on the jacket. A real keepsake and reminder of the better times of puppy love, infatuation, and wishing for something that could never be.


Potatomum66.....yes, it is a good story to remember and I never let my now 50 year old son to forget it! :))))) Yes, isn't is a shame what happened to him and all those people around him did not stop it. I always respected him for doing his time in the Army when he was drafted.


Carol 66, no there is a real story to remember! :)

Should I go ahead and admit he was my first real heartthrob? I like to remember him this way too, before he got totally "managed."


LOL Pumpkinhead!


You may not have seen the King, Carol....but you have memories you will carry with you forever!


Bethamus, sadly (perhaps a good thing) we did not see him. :( :)


But did you get to see him, Carol66? I hope so after all of that!


Well Oddio...........picture it: Oct 1962. Memphis,Tennessee. Carol66 and husband outside Graceland's gates praying to catch a glimpse of the King. Oh, did I mention Carol66 was pregnant and had morning sickness (all day).....yes, I threw up in front of the gates. (Yes, we tidied up as best we could.) Sigh.


And the boy could sing. What a stupendous talent he had and what a long lasting effect he had on popular music. I like to remember him as he was in this photo too. Thanks for remembering him Mr O.


He was so handsome! And a fellow Capricorn. :-)

The King!


All RIGHT! Another cake, please, for Skyhawk175!

(Were those blue suede shoes a birthday present?)

River Road, I too was born on Jan 8, 11 years after Elvis. He was born in Tupelo, Ms., I was born 50 miles north in Corinth, Ms. Both our fathers were named Vernon. Thank you, Thank you very much.


Happy Birthday to RiverRoad's Dad and Elvis. Shake those hips, guys!


Hee hee! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RiverRoad's DAD, TOO!

(I hope you stocked up on b'day candles!)


Without a doubt, the most beautiful man who ever was! My hero!


My father was born the same day, doesn't let anyone forget it either :)


Thanks riveroad. This is the age I like to remember him as. What a handsome young man he was!