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It's $2 a car night! - photo by

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Very, very good - knew you would step into the breech, Dear One :-)
Meanwhile, sort out that pewter... see what happens when you use a Mac? LOL


It was hard not to bolt from the site when I read Foxy's fusillade, and it seems all there is left to say is that I've been in my chambers. And no, I don't mean I've been in the other room with a magazine! Goodness, Foxy, you gave him your best shot with both barrels. At least I haven't been the butt of the jokes! I hope it's safe[ty] to say that we must be getting to the point where we'll have to be the silencers of any further discussion. At least none of us has gone off half-cocked! We've each taken careful aim, which of course is very important in matters such as these.

"Cartridge in a pear tree" indeed, Mr. O! ROTFL!! The only way to stop Foxy on a roll is to come up with something so off the wall (or the tree) that it conks her on the noggin!

Seriously now, I've got a vexing computer problem that I've got to isolate and resolve before it drives me any nuttier than I am, so I shall probably be scarce around these parts for a few days. Behave yourselves - and don't shoot your eye out!


ROFL... very good, Mr O! Let's call it quits... but let's wait to see what Sweet Spuddie buddy comes up with too! We may be under the hammer if she comes out of her shell :-)


Okay, I quit! My hands are raised above my head, Foxy! :>)

Let's quit before we get to "cartridge in a pear tree" or something like that!


Mr O and Sweet Spuddie you are quite the double action duo! There's no muzzling you, I can see. My trigger reaction was to recoil from your barrage but I decided to get a grip and get back on target. I have been rifling through my barrel of retorts, taking stock of my magazines and even asking the slugs in the garden for help but I fear I have shot my wad and can find no scope to respond. I shall take stock and be locked and loaded in the event either of you go ballistic...


Mr. O, when you set your sights on a comeback, you take a good shot.


FoxM, a lady of your caliber... I ammo surprised. But you're not a bore.


YellowG, they would let me in considering the state _I_ am in.

Spudmum: I can SO identify with the last line of your comment; too funny!!!

Oddman, thanks for these reminders of our youth . . . in my state, I believe there are 6-7 (could be more) still operating Drive-In theaters. :))


Please don't repeat that, Mr O...


This is great! I sure remember those kinds of signs!
When I worked on my uncle's ranch in Idaho in the summers, we used to ride our horses into town to the drive-in and sit on the grass to watch the movie. These days, I'd never be able to get up again - let alone get up from sitting and then climb on a horse!!


Oh, Fox, you and your "wryful" humor!


Maybe that ought to be .22 a car night :-)


This one must still be open, since the showings are fairly recent. I wish we had one here. Nice puzzle, Oddio.


Most drive-in's are gone, too bad.