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Heavy Metal

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Now there's a mental picture for first thing this morning! Not an expression I've come across before :-)
Thank you, PG dearest!


Not to worry, Rosie for I am late with replying :-) Thank you for your lovely compliment. I am honoured that this is your favourite. I love the SW jewellery too and the pottery. It inspires my designs at times.


Thanks, whattie.... it was wrought with care :-)


Thank you, my dearest lovely Snooker :-)


Thanks, ladywil. The cats I can see but the mini bulldogs elude me :-)


Thanks, Chailie. After you wrote that I went back to look at it again and be darned if I don't see grinning cats around the edge!


Thanks, Michelle! It being one of your favourites makes it extra special :-) The outer part is an older puzzle run through a kaleidoscope filter... one of those serendipity ones that seems just about right. I erased some of the outer edges and cut out the centre as it wasn't quite right and replaced it with a custom shape (one of our own making I think) and applied the same layer style as the outer section but downsized to suit. The aqua and purple seemed to call out to be added. You know how it is :-)


Not a clue what metal it is, Shirley but it at least looks heavy :-) Thanks, buddy.


This is lovely, but I am as slow as dirt moving in a mud bath.


I'm really late on all of my puzzling as of late and haven't been commenting much but had to stop and tell you that this is fabulous. I can see all of the detail on the copper piece and the middle is turquoise jewelery from the New Mexico/Arizona area. This is my favorite kaliedo of all of yours that I've seen posted since I started on Jigidi in Dec. of 2012. Thanks for this masterpiece. Rosie


Wonderful metal work. Thanks, foxy :))


Love the center on this one. Super design.


How very pretty...I also see cats, or maybe mini-bulldogs.


This is amazing.!! There seems to be a ring of singing cats in cubby holes around the outer edge - the cats chorus perhaps.


Chrissie, I don't know how you did this but it is amazing! That centre medallion has phenomenal detail!. I just had to magnify this one and step right into it to examine all the minutiae. This is ab fab - a bobby dazzler, for sure, mate! (This just has to be one of my favourites of your creations...)


Intriguing, brass or is it copper? and steel, yes, definitely 'Heavy Metal' love it and the other colours compliment it so well, good one Chrissie, Thank you. :):)


Where's the remote? Dang, can never find it when you want it...
Ah, here it is...
OK, point it at Kirsten and change the channel!!

(You are such a dag! LOL)


I'm channeling Neil from the Young Ones now - "Heavy, man". LOL Thanks Chrissie. :)))