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Sally, for me too it took a while for the 'penny to drop'. Wasn't thinking, even though I've been following the U.S. elections. And I live just a skip and a hop away from one of the borders.


Suggestion, oddio: When you decide to be "served well" like I did when you suggested it, make sure to leave out the quotation marks. In other words, when you go to Google just use the words:

Romney 47% fact check


oddio- It would serve you well to punch "romney 47% fact check" into Google's search engine box and read....ohhh, maybe 6 of the articles that pop up.
I just read 10 articles on the subject. After you do that, you might want to read this article just for fun:


Wendy_13, it will serve you well to look into the facts concerning the percentage of US population that are on the government dole... last I heard FORTY-SEVEN percent counted on some income and/or other benefits from the federal govt. Another scary point: over the last 10 yrs PRIVATE sector jobs number has increased ONE percent, while fed employees have increased FIFTEEN percent. In 2009, average compensation for private sector employee = $61,000. Fed employee = $123,000 !! Do we see a picture here??


I suppose that at this moment in time (I just checked the most recent up-to-date count on the number of people voting for Obama) 61,122,638 people plan on collecting welfare. Are you absolutely sure that your statement is correct, SMor2Ditto? re: "....wake up one morning and discover over half my country would rather have free goodies than Freedom...."


I'm wondering if 'someone' can understand this.


What breaks my heart is that there are people who actually believe the crap that Rush Limbaugh and people like him dish out. You really think that more than half the country is lazy? How depressing that you feel the way you do!


It is a sad day for me, when I feel so strongly about Freedom, Rugged Individualism and Responsibility, to wake up one morning and discover over half my country would rather have free goodies than Freedom, don?t want to work for their living, want others to provide it for them and be responsible for their wants and needs rather than striving to be the best they can be. It breaks my heart.


Just tell me dear Sally, what were you thinking, better, tell me what was I thinking doing it. Great with 25 pieces, not more. Hugs.


Took a while Sally but the penny has dropped.


Took me a long time to solve this, compared to those on the board. A little too bleak for me. :/


What a fright I had after solving SMor.........I saw my reflection in this shiny black puzzle!! I like the touch of grey!


Ahhhhh, L, I'm a little slow perhaps, but, indeed, we definitely are on the same track. Hmmmm, all I see is track with no train.


Sounds like you maybe need to check out this puzzle today!


In his snide way Walter said this is one of your best designs yet!

(Now I understand art4sight's comment about "all white" on Foxy's puzzle... I went there first.)


I agree with puzzlejack...


Hey everyone, open you hart, let the sunshine in. Try a smile and you see your day will be better.
A day without a smile is a bad sad day, so come on..............


You captured my mood exactly...What a sad day... with an ominous feel to it...
Heaven help US now.


A good black puzzle to match some moods today.


This is right on the mark. All I need now is a black band on my arm. Know exactly how you feel. A sad day.


Thanks for the offer Kirsten.... We have a cord somewhere... Right now I can't remember where I left it.... I'll be checking out the brightness button right after dinner.... :) :)


Um..... Sally? I think you forgot to adjust the brightness on this one. Or you've blown a globe. I can send over a really long extension cord from here in Melbourne if it helps. LOL


No mate, it's the inside... That deep down scary place where the big bad bities live.... :) :)


This has got to be a first Sally dear, a no name, black puzzle, Is this the back of the black stump ? :) :)


Really good idea getting the surgery sooner rather than later.... Age may soon become a factor.... You being a tried and true Tennessean we're on the same step... Hugs Good Buddy.... :) :)


Ummmmm, L, I think you forgot something. You forgot to make a puzzle to put in this black space, lol! Perhaps my eyes are worse than I thought. Maybe I should get my surgery sooner than later. The other possibility, and this is a long shot, is that it is a black puzzle! Add this to my list of things I don't understand, lol! You are always one step ahead of me, my dear!