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My two little Border Collie girls!

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This picture was taken in the December 2008, after Bonnie had been with us for about 10 months.

Meara is looking up at me (and, therefore, you!) and her mom Bonnie is checking her out. (Bonnie was also looking up at me in another shot.) Very shortly after this, I ended up having to share the couch...nay my lap/body...with these two little ones.


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I posted several old shots of Kyla. One taken during her last summer with us (she passed the following February). One black and white that my daughter took for her film class, entitled Kyla Reflects, and a scanned polaroid of Kyla and our cat Aramouse (aka Mouse) in a rare together moment. Kyla was not about to give up her bed to Mouse...


LOL, Faye, I love it. ( husband's family dog when I met him was a little black dog whose name was Candy!) Poor baby...I am so glad your OH found her and she was able to have a safe home.

Our first Border Collie, Kyla, was even smaller than Meara and didn't like dogs (with the exception of other Border Collies!) She was comical and sweet looking so people would always try to approach with their dogs on leashes when we were out and about and didn't feel threatened because she was so small. No matter how many times we tried to tell them to stay away, she didn't like other dogs, without fail, they'd come in close. Usually with a much bigger dog and with the excuse, don't worry, (he) won't hurt her. They wouldn't listen! Within seconds, she had the other dog pinned to the ground! 28 lbs of "leave me be"! You hardly even saw it happen... the largest dog she took down was a St. Bernard! And she was older, ill and frail at the time! (I posted some pics of her earlier...if they're still here, I'll come back and put a link in...

I'm so happy you shared about Candy. It does make you feel good to know that there was goodness given to her after a rough time. I love that she was so feisty. (I have a weakness for feistiness, I have to admit it!) ;-D


Hi, Michelle,
So many "favourites" to visit and so many comments to read...I missed your response from Jan. 6th. So sorry. Thank you for your wonderful story. I was not aware of that chomping response in horses and dogs. Your story reminded me of our first rescue dog...and brought a smile to my face). Candy (her name was printed inside her flea collar) was a little black shi tzu...10-12 years old that had been "on the road" for some time before being picked up. How she ever survived we'll never know. She had not been spayed and had been bred. When my OH was walking her one day he met a fellow with a bouncy German Shepherd pup. Candy let him know who was boss! Every time thereafter, even when fully grown, when this Shepherd met Candy he immediately flattened himself on the ground in front of this 12 pound Holy Terrier! The owner just shook his head in wonder. LOL


Thank you, sweetie! :*


What a touching story about Darcy and Bonnie! :D


Will do, Francine. Lots of love and cuddles on a daily basis and I'll add the extra ones!

Faye, I do have a story to that effect. Meara came home very early (only 7 wks old) so did not recognize Bonnie at all when she came here. Darcy, however, was another story! He was just over 12 weeks old when my daughter got him and he was the last puppy left (all the rest of the litter had been sold). Hence, he stayed with Bonnie longer and also got to recognize the smells of his farm. (Meara is smelling impaired for a dog...true, poor girl.) As soon as we got Bonnie in the house, he did something I've only seen foals do to older horses to indicate subservience. (Hard to describe but memorable if you have.) He clapped down on the floor in front of her, raised his head and opened and closed his mouth rapidly in chomping movements. All this time his ears were up and his tail was wagging to beat the band. Note that he was bigger than Bonnie in size and was already 3 years old. (Darcy has an excellent sense of smell, btw.) He was beside himself with joy and was always trying to cuddle up to her. On the other hand, he was just one of many, many pups she had and I don't think that she recognized him. Of course, she was also undergoing major upheaval too. I have seen many situations of horses recognizing each other too. Whether they know each other as parent/child , I don't know. But recognition itself, emphatically yes.

What can I say, Jan? They deserve it and you know how easy it is to love your animal friends too! *hugs* and tummy rubs to you!


Of course they are is in their natures. But, these two are lovely inside as well. They both have a happy home and are well loved. It is clear in this photo. Thanks so much, Michelle! :)


I often wonder if animals recognize their least domestic ones. :)))


Give Bonnie a good scratch on that luscious fur for me! Am not forgetting Meara - for her a kiss on her head.


Thanks, wolflady, for popping in! Meara is 8 years old now and Bonnie doesn't look this young anymore but she is still beautiful, in our eyes. Little Meara is fierce in her affections and really has a strong eye, which she uses to best advantage with people!


Bonnie looks so good now. Her youngster is very pretty also. Thanks for the pics.


Bonnie is a wise old girl, Libby. She'd been through a lot in her life and still was able to change and adapt to us...and it was a huge change for her. She is very gentle, sweet and even tempered with just a touch of spice (which I always animals and in people, lol). You can tell that she thinks about things and if you ask her to do something she considers silly, then she can get a bit stubborn. However, she's usually right! LOL You are going to have fun with Callie Lou...I think she might be a bit feisty too!

PzzlGrl, thank you for coming by! We consider that we are the lucky ones being able to have them bless our lives. There is just nothing like the unconditional love of a dog to heal your soul!

Mary, I do have kids (all grown up now) and we have always spoiled our animals! At least you can cite an excuse. LOL My husband laughingly says it's not hard to find me in the house since I've usually got a least one dog near or on me and often all three! He spoils them too so he can't talk...I have pictorial evidence galore! *tee hee* (It's in my mother was an animal whisperer of sorts, she had a number of them in her life and even wild ones trusted her. With all those injured birds I brought home as a child that she rehabilitated... My dad's family are all suckers for animals too...even the sheep who will be going to slaughter on my aunt's farm all have names and are treated with love and respect.)


How sweet and beautiful they are,I share the couch with Edie and Lola quite often.(and enjoy it to the hilt)Folks like me who have no children tend to spoil animals.

Lucky dogs!


Bonnie looks so wise here!!! Thanks for the pic! ;-)