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FOR SNOOKER... As Promised.... Waroona Show Sept. 2011.... Women's Two Man Cross Cut Saw Competition....

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Way to go sally! Just proves you are never too old to try something new!


Wow Sally, my compliments.


Good film is worth seeing time and time again. Thanks, Sally! Even more fun to see the 2nd time around!! So it was Jarrah? Now, that is wood to be treasured! Ihad no idea the female competition was 30 to 40 years younger! I'm very impressed (really). I'd say you make a terrific lumberjill!


Thank you all.... :) :)

This was really good fun... And very unexpected... A spur of the moment, 'may never get this opportunity again' kinda thing... We were watching the event and the announcer asked if any one else wanted 'a go'... I asked if I was 'too old' (Thinking in my naivety I might hurt myself) ... The answer being 'no, come on'... So I did...

The partner on the other end was random picked (from genuine lumberjacks, that knew what they were doing)... Sorry no up close shots... Just think handsome with big muscles.... While we were waiting our turn... Paul gave me a few hints (in his best Australian, of course).... The big thing for speed is don't hang up the saw.... We only hung up for about 2 seconds, due to my competitive adrenaline rush...

There were 9 or 10 women in the competition... ALL of them younger than me by about 30 or 40 years... I was quite pleased with fourth.... The Jarrah slab is now in a place of honor, on the fireplace hearth in the US.... Children and Grandchildren (3 boys) were rightfully impressed.... Not bad for an old chook.... :) :)


Way to go girl! Thanks for posting the set. (I'm with muffin) :)


Looks like great fun! Thanks, Sally!


Congratulations, Sally, you're wonderful to take out 4th place, Now there comes a time to hang up the old cross cut saw, or better still, paint on it, not sure pastels will work though, :):) Thanks Sally.


got a close up of your partner?


This is nice. Is that you? Very good. Love the puzzle.


This looks fun! To watch - I don't think I could do this very fast.