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A Puzzling Kaleidoscope for PG

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Santa Claus got cheeky and put a big spongy baby's bunny puzzle in my stocking (inset). Perhaps some hints about letting my inner child out by playing all those puzzles on Jigidi? Well, I just couldn't let that go without tossing some fun back at him. Welcome to my puzzling world, Mr. Claus!!

The (bronze) field behind the bunny and the frame are both art glass, with values manipulated.

Now tell me, PG, why I thought of you in association with this one? Cheeky? And no real photos of anything special were harmed in the making of this one. LOL (Watch what you say...there's a bunny present!)


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Now, Francine...stop that! Do not apologize. You know that I like to share and I've already put it together and sent it to you. ;-P (winking and sticking out my tongue at the same time!). Besides, I gave you a treat (ha early preview of something strange) in your email.

Favourite colours... I love so many but I do notice that I tend to favour blues (water) and greens (forests and fields) and the in-betweens like teal in most of their incarnations. I love clear reds (roses), ivories, pinks , light yellows...and I wear a lot of black! lol

I have to go play with the toys you've shared with me today... ;-D

Bonnie just came up for cuddles and huffed...isn't she cute! (big grin on my face now!!)


Michelle, one final comment about Effect / Shape then Edit / Cut. You can get two different appearances. What I mentioned will give you the coloured shape.

Other option will be if you would like the opposite appearance. That 'fabric' will be on your entire document except the particular shape will be blank, awaiting another colour. That's done by:
Effect / Shape / magic wand to hightlight that shape ....THEN... go to 'Select' / 'Inverse' then go to the 'fabric' and do the Edit / Cut.
...Assume you remember to duplicate that 'fabric' layer so that there's always a spare, just in case. Though you've mastered the 'Undo' I'm sure.


Oh Michelle, please don't go to the trouble. I'm behind in everyone's puzzles so haven't finished looking at your past ones. It's very easy for me to visit your puzzles and read Chrissie's instructions. I should have gone to your puzzles before asking for advice. Sorry. :( :(
..haven't gone to email yet!

Hope you see this message before you go any further. I feel so guilty.


You've given me another new toy, Francine! You're spoiling me today!

I'm going to look up all my posts from Chrissie and put them together in an email for you. Then you can see it all at once! ;-D


pfthwwt :-P

(Does that explain your avatar?..... ;-D)


OK now I know all about crazy people and critics who pee in cave drawings. Thank god for photoshop.


You're teaching me something, again. I've never thought to play with resolution. I'll have to check out the difference. Please, how much did you lower resolution and why?

Have simply been using something like 800wx600h for puzzle with max. 80-ish pieces / 1200x900 for those around 100 / and then the huge mosaic one I recently posted ended up 2,000 square !! I used to like 600 square or 600x450 with the old Jigidi format but now find those puzzle pieces have become too small.

He-he - haven't left for lunch yet. Was finishing another tweak and am about to post, solve it then eat. (Have to admit I had a coffee and muffin late morning - so the body is not exactly running on empty.)

What are your favourite colours?
...Assume you know you have more than the cookie cutters? Go to Effects / shapes / choose something and apply it to your screen. Adjust size and location. Use magic wand to highlight shape - go to whatever 'fabric' you like, then Edit / Cut. Same result as cookie cutter. I use both cookie cutter and 'shapes'. Fun.
...Sorry, if you already know all that, just ignore my interference. :)


Ok, I admit it, I did, Francine! I went looking for cookie cutters in puzzle shapes too... And spherizing and does feel like a dance.

Turquoise and mauve are very soothing together. I, too, am not a purple person but I do like the colour. I can't wear it but I love it in flowers and it does draw out the complementary greens so well without overpowering.

Chrissie has talked me through enlarging my puzzles and I am grateful to her for that. She explained the how and why and I have also reduced the resolution down. I now understand more of why some puzzles are so small and some are larger in Jigidi when you go to solve them. It seems strange to work in such huge numbers but I guess I was limited to thinking in photographic terms of the old photo sizes. I haven't done much digitally so this is another instance of learning from the community! Hope that you enjoy your lunch! ;-D (Sent you an email.)


Whimsical is fun - didn't you enjoy choosing the shapes and cutting the 'fabric'?
...No longer have a favourite colour since Elements - depends on my mood or project. Elements has really broadened my outlook. In fact, before Jigidi days, I didn't think I cared for much purple and have now changed my mind. When I was posting puzzles before Elements, I gravitated towards sunsets and trees. Though, one of my very first posted puzzles was a blue van Gogh and was too monochromatically difficult to solve as a puzzle. Learning experience!
... That's how I met Patti (PLG1958) as she too liked the cheerful colours. I must have posted that type often enough as she once mentioned she could recognize a puzzle being mine and confirmed it by glancing at my name afterwards!
...Actually I'm still fond of soothing, pastel colours. I enjoy the combination of turquoise and mauve.
...I noticed you've enlarged the size of your images and I thank you for that. The consequent larger-sized puzzle pieces are easier to see.
...I'm off - haven't eaten lunch yet! Have been ignoring the stomach's laments.


Good grief, you liked the funny one where I thought that I went over the top! (But I did put a nice frame on it.) See, we all enjoy so many different things!

Hmmm, so what are your favourite colours then? (I would have guess blue from your Christmas tree but you did like the rich colour in that broken red ornament puzzle...)


This is probably my favourite of yours for many reasons - colour combinations, individual coloured patterns within each shape, the curved look, bevelling. And I haven't even solved it yet! Promise myself I'll have the time this afternoon.


Francine, I had to do something to that boy! He implied that I peed on cave drawings...or I took him too literally...(*tee hee hee...all in good fun...I got all artsy fartsy in one of Chrissie's and forgot where that could get me...)


Clever and innovative, Michelle. I can see you're having fun.


The world is a puzzle, Mimi? Watch out for savage bunnies? Don't get cheeky with a cheekster? (*tee hee*)

(Tim is the sorcerer from Monty Python's "The Holy Grail" who was supposed to handle the savage bunny...he couldn'!)

(btw: Yours should be posting tomorrow, Mimi! It's been in the queue...I jumped the couple of ones to Chrissie up since I wanted her input. She's been giving me advice and I greatly appreciate it!)


This is a puzzling puzzle for vast millions Michelle, what does it mean??? I love it!


ooo, it could be a savage bunny. Quick, call Tim!


There are bunnies inside bunnies so you never know where one is hiding.


But I didn't even hurt a good photo...*snivel* Fess up, you're afraid of the bunny, now aren't you?


Ha! To you kidney stone I resemble that remark.
Remember puzzaddled I get even never mad.


*snark* *snark* Faye! ;-D


Methinks you might have used an ol' croc, Michelle. :DDD