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Flower Basket Kaleidoscope for Karlein

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I have manipulated this kaleidoscope from a photo of one of our flower baskets from our back yard last year. The stick bunny is one of a pair that moves from flower container to flower container inside and outside the house. They are active little fellows! I did skew the original image since I wanted to keep all the colour (rather than cropping some out). The double frame are both photos of different art glass on which I have enhanced the values.


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I also just starting playing with the smart brush too, on an open photo, to see the effects...

I'd better toddle off to bed now...I stay up way too late with this new toy! (I'm 3 hours ahead of you here in Toronto, guessing that you in the Vegas area re your Belaggio pix?)


I'm crafty too, Kathy. It's been years since I've done any stained glass work and my equipment has been packed away until I can use it again. (And I do want to...)

Well, what do you know! (Lots, apparently, lol!) I just popped open a picture and started playing. Now why didn't I see that before? You'd think that in two weeks, I would have gotten to everything (she says self-mockingly!). Coool! Thank you...I just played with the stained glass and it is not quite the same as the real thing but it is an interesting effect all the same. Thanks for this one, Kathy!


Michelle, the texture (it has sub-categories) is under the filter tool, also like craquelure which is under filter for it's effect. Hope you have them, if not maybe able to get an add-on.

Also like stainned glass, have done a few pieces but do not have my own equipment so have not done any lately. You name the craft, I probably have done it. You can get some stainned glass effects by using a) filter b) distort c) glass.


Thanks so much Dave and I keep going back to glass with my frames...LOL! You deserved the compliment, kind sirrah! You were very generous re sharing all your Chihuly photos and spending New Year's being peered at by the kitkat club while waiting to dance with your sweetheart...definitely a romantic! (I've got one of those at home too, so I do appreciate it!)


Thanks so much, Kathy. I have been stumbling onto some effects and don't always know quite what I did to get there! (I tend to do an awful lot of testing and undoing until I am relatively satisfied with the result but that means I don't always remember the process of getting!) I don't see where I have a texture tool per se in Elements but I will investigate this some more and see what I can do to fiddle. I did run into the problem that you mention with working with layers but my work around was to copy the background again, do whatever smaller patterns (with however many layers I needed) and them manually grab the layers and pull them up to the top. Equally, flattening and starting with new layers seem to work for other effects. I don't always know what my top layer is going to be when I start out...I don't usually have a plan and just "go with the flow", as it were. This is fun being able to exchange ideas, though. I really appreciate your comments and the help. (I do have a thing for glass, LOL!)


Way to go, Karlein! (I only get there because I do them before I post them...cheat!) I thought that you would appreciate the floral feeling in this one.


Nice touch on the frame(s)! This looks like hearts coming together at the points. Thanks for the compliment in Jaques garden. That was nice!


Love the darks and brights in this one Michelle. Trying to catch-up on some jigidi stuff, finally read your comments and allllllll the posts from different people re: kleido's.
You asked about the glass effect on mine and some of your posts also look like you have already found the answer but..... I use the emboss tool and set the light to white and the dark to a dark color in the post (not black), this gives a more transparent look and the deeper the emboss the more glass like.
My PS has a texture tool and that is where I get the fabric type textures; sand, canvas, burlap, brick, etc. you can set the depth and size for different feels.
I have learned to start with the smallest and top layer and do all the techniques to that layer then do the second layer and enlarge the canvas to accomodiate for that design, etc. If not sometimes when I try and go back and tweek/change a layer all the layers are not effected. Know this sounds confusing but hard to explaine. Keep on having fun and let me know what you learn.