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Another kaleidoscope

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Now my eyeballs are twirling! Last time I take your dizzy advice, mate!

Kidding aside, welcome back. Missed you! Thanks, Snooker dearest :-)


Mr O, you threw a purler there! We'll have all of Jigidi in stitches and we'll never be able to cast off. If we get going on this will we be on cable TV?


If I'd known that I would have posted it sooner!
Glad you're home safe and well, our dearest Sweet Spuddie :-) Thanks.


This one is something else if you zoom in and out. Try it. Lovely, Foxy.


Okay, Foxy, you conniving canid, I am choosing crochet, you are knit picking.


Worth coming home for!!


Thank you Michelle, Cheryl, Shirley, Kirsten, Rosie, Mr O, whattie, Kathy, Mandy, His Photoness, Suzy, Uncle Tom Cobley and all... :-)

Kirsten, we may have found your sanity... we were out shopping today and passed the Sanity store... will we pick up some more for you? :-)

Rosie - no answer for that as Mr O already knows - we give up asking!

Mr O - it's knitted - I can't crochet... then again I can't knit either!

PG too slow? Never!

Michelle and Suzy - keep dancing - you'll meet somewhere around the circle :-)

Shirley and Rosie - if my signature disappears I'll know where to look!


"Go round, and round and round in a circle game"..... :)


A lovely one foxness, but yet again I am too slow.


Gorgeous kaleidoscope Chrissie, I love the rainbow bits in the centre!! Thanks


Thank for the fun! Kathy


Stunning, foxy!!


A most interesting design, Foxy. A crocheted serape?

(roerick3, I gave up asking that question months ago!)


Love this kaliedo all the way to the little pink fox above your name, although, if he were red I would have to steal him. How do people solve these puzzles in such short times? Thanks for all of your hard work.


Something whispered in my ear "Chrissie has posted a kaleido", so I just had to pop in to check it out. And look what I found! A gorgeous kaleido, with a multi-coloured crocodile skin centre!!

Meanwhile, I may have lost my sanity, given things are whispering in my ears. But, hey! I'm having fun. Surely that's all that matters. One can live without one's sanity, can't one? LOL


This one is glorious Chrissie, right down to the the little pink fox in your signature, enjoyed this one alot, Thank you Chrissie. :):)


Really like this one a lot, Chrissie. Thanks a lot!


"Dizzy, my head is spinning, like a whirlpool, it never ends...You're making dizzy..." Couldn't help singing along as I was solving, Chrissie. My goodness, but you were a busy girl here! (Love the colours too!)