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Hester, then Freddy it is! I have a few other projects that I also want to I thank you for not making me feel like I'm on a time clock. :-)

And thank you for your offer once again. I'll definitely holler when I HAVE to see another one of your puzzles up close.


PS, anything you want in a smaller piece puzzle, just holler!


Hi Wendy. I'm just in from gardening duties and have posted some pics of Freddy (favoured name, Fred is when he's in deep do do!)
Pleeeease don't rush, as the great man sang "We have all the time in the world". Except that I don't just now as said dog needs his run in the park and I must continue the autumn clean up. I'll be back to have a little solve session later! :-) TTFN


Hester, I have to get the time to go through ALL your puzzles so that I have every great one I can find of Growly and Freddy/Fred. By the way, which name does Freddy/Fred like better? I figure that he might be annoyed with me if I put the non-preferred name in the title. I may not be able to make the puzzle for today (5 or 6 hours from now)...because I've been offline all day and not creating anything. I'll try though...but I'm way behind in things I should have done but didn't.

Mary, I don't know that Wally is beautiful but Freddy/Fred certainly is. ;-)


It translates to "pleased to bits", Mary, but it wouldn't be the first time I've put my foot in it with english idioms!! :-))


Just grazing over old comments and saw this, feistyfreddy! Nope, "dead chuffed" can't mean anything bad because I don't even know what it means! Keep on with your lovely comments with phrases we've never heard before! Love it! Love the dogs, too, I went and look at the link you posted. They're beautiful!


Yep, here it is......I hope!


oopsadaisy, I hope "dead chuffed" doesn't translate as anything that would register on the smut-o-meter!
Yeah, "the boys" are Fred & G. Bear . Did you ever see the puzzle I posted of Fred with Crazy Wally his deerhound/lurcher pal? I'll have to check it's still in my archive. They look so fierce but are a pair of softies!
I'll post a puppy pic of the pin-up dog tomorrow. Right now he's chewing my ankle which means, "Walkies, pleeeeze!" TTFN


Hi Hester! Laughing my head off at "dead chuffed." When you say "the boys" are you referring to Growly and Freddy? Otherwise I'm thinking you're also including Zeeca with Growly and Freddy. I love your French pictures and am thinking about using one of them....but I might just create a puzzle instead...because it's more fun. Except that I really did like putting Growly on the ledge. hehehe Ohhh, I'd love to see some baby photos!


Hi Wendy! The boxer is Zeeca, my friend's dog and Freddy's walking companion. Much as my BB would love another dog (Freddy's mum has just had another litter!) I would find it too much to handle! And groom! I'd be dead chuffed to see more puzzles of the boys! I've just about exhausted my France/Brugges holiday snaps so need to find another source. I may did out some "baby" photos!


Hester, I visited you earlier on today and saw your new pics of Freddy and I'm dying! I want to make more puzzles with Growly and Freddy. Who is the other dog? I'm assuming he/she is yours too.

I grow all kinds of cool flowers. They never need watering and they even get by with no sunlight. LOL


I love your funky flowerbed, Wendy! It's delightful!
And I can personally vouch that hanging cds scares the birds away from the veggie plot! :-)


Whoa! I enjoyed reading the comments so much on this one, that I don't feel the need to add anything additional. It was a cool conversation! :-)


So am I, Mary Nolan. It or they walked down the driveway by the car between two houses and nipped off the roses, nibbled down the tops of the tomato plants and the hot peppers. But they didn't like the eggplant.. I'm on a busy street on a main route to a hospital with vehicles, sirens , buses, etc. all the time.


Yes! I have a friend who had hatchling baby birds and the buzzard-like birds were scaring them. She hung tin foil, bright and shiny, all over her yard. The little birds and their parents got peace and quiet. I also saw a cool Christmas tree decorated with nothing but 45 rpms and these would work the same way! Love this type of puzzle! 6:57 Thanks, Wendy! (I don't know about deer, I'm in the suburbs. LOL)


Wonder if they would keep deer out too? Thanks, Wendy.


Wonderful puzzle. Lela's idea is great - no need to throw away, only reuse. Will it work in a real garden you think?


These are ideal for keeping birds away from the plants..........


whatnauts, now I'm thinking that you're my twin....the twin I never knew i had.
About CDs though- I keep all the ones my kids are ready to throw out because someday, I figure I'll make a very cool mobile with them. Of course, I never will find the time, but it's the thought that counts...or so they say. LOL

Like you though, I hate throwing anything out. I figure I'll fix whatever it is that needs fixing.


I'm so glad you were able to use all those pesky CD's I've had lying around collecting dust. I hate to part with anything, even when defective!!!!