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Memories of Kyla

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Thank you for your empathy, PzzlGrl. We fell in love with my aunt's first Border Collie (she is a shepherd) and decided that we had to bring one into our family too. We visited the farmer who had a litter related to my aunt's dog on Father's Day in May of 1990. Each of the puppies picked only one person with whom they cuddled except her. She was the only puppy who went around to each child and to us (the parents); Kyla picked us. She didn't like to swim but would paddle around at the lake trying to bring in all the floating twigs. We have other dogs now but she will always have a special place in our hearts. I like to think that they're all enjoying playing and doing the things that they like to do best. I'm glad we brought your Charlie to mind...

She looks very much like my adppted dog Charlie, who also is in Doggie Heaven, Such comfort she gave to me! And what a fisher-dog! She'd wade in the water for hours, hoping to catch the tiny fish. I hope your memories of Kyla are as comforting as mine of Charlie. Rest easy, little friends,


Thank you for your lovely comments, gs and Jan. Kyla was definitely a wonderful member of our family and we are blessed that she did so much to help us in raising our children. Our youngest son was very active in sports and their relationship was so special. It was an amusingly touching relationship of a dog and her boy!


Such a wonderful memory of a much-loved pet.


Kyla was a beauty and a truly great friend. Thank you for sharing stories about her, Michelle. She sounds like a real family member!


And thank you for enjoying our dear Kyla, cevas and shadoe. When we share, we never forget. shadoe, I think your Rory is a cutie (as you probably know from the comments I've left) . I just love the dignified look he wears in his pix. cevas you have some wonderful pictures of Vancouver (I'm in Toronto). One of these days, I'd like to get out there. Our youngest son is working in the far, far north of your province. (roseheather, you know that we've already got something in common re our enjoyment of fine china.) Take care all and hope that you are enjoying some wonderful memories too.


Thank you for sharing such a beautiful memory!


Wonderful picture! And lovely comments!! Thank you, puzzaddled, for sharing these happy memories with us.


Perhaps your kitty is playing with ours and our friends' kitties too! Thanks, roseheather.


: ) It is those memories, and beliefs, that make their absence tolerable. I imagine my kitty chasing butterflies.


Kyla received this bed for her last Christmas with us, in 2001. She passed away in Feb of 2002. She was so excited to get a new bed and toys! After she'd "opened" them on Christmas morning, she placed her new toys in the middle of the bed, carefully re-arranged them (so they'd be comfortable?) and then lay down with most of her body on the floor and just her head on the bed, looking a her new toys with a smile on her face. She fell asleep that way. Kyla loved Christmas and getting presents. She never disturbed the tree or touched those addressed to anyone else. Neither would she open anything until Christmas morning when we were all gathered together. Such a smart little Border Collie. We miss her but hope she is having fun playing frisbee with her aunt Niki.