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Christmas Nostalgia # 27

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Santa Claus, 10 November 1941 by Sam Hood


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LOL!! ;-D


I am NOT admitting that there is at least one photo of someone with whom I am intimately familiar, who has a finger near her nose. I still insist it is scratching!!


Jan, I looked at the larger picture and had BB look too and both of us think that he was real (but wearing makeup). I think that he is balancing/holding the little girl on the rocking horse.

I love the little girl caught in the act with her finger at her nose (bet her mom was thrilled with that!) and the partial glimpse of another one waiting in the wings for her turn!


Now THAT's a great looking Santa! Is he real? He looks like a statue and there is a pony in front of him. With all the kids around, he looks real. But, is he? Hmmmmmmmm?
Thanks, Michelle. It was fun!