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Thank you all for your comments and and hugs etc . . . :D) You have cheered me up no end. I am sorry I haven't been back before now but I am afraid I had a bit of a 'wobble' with boredom and frustration setting in and started feeling sorry for myself . . . :-(
You can't keep a looney frog down for long though so here I am again

Latest update . . . I appear to have escaped the threat of surgery (HURRAH!!!) but will be in a hard collar 24/7 for a little longer yet (GRRR!!!). I am gradually building up the time spent 'upright' and promise you all I won't overdo it 'he who should be ignored' won't let me . . . :D).
He sends his best wishes to you all but I have had to shorten his leash so he can't reach the PC . . . his head was beginning to swell with all the compliments he was getting. He is now back where he belongs, chained to the wall ready and waiting to feed and pamper me at all times . . . lol

I am sorry but I am going to have to go now . . . TTFN . . . I will speak to you again soon.
(My next goal is to 'attack' my e-mails . . . apologies to anyone who may have sent a msg . . . I will get round to answereing you . . . promise)


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lol Joan . . . it's got a name? I always thought it was just the whim of the plasterer . . . :D)

Thank you everyone . . . I have left an update on my 'new ceiling'


Hi Su, we are all still hugging and hoping for you:))


Just dropping by to say "hello". :)))


A new picture! Now how can we make a game out of that. Name the type of texture on the ceiling? (I actually know the answer.) Do you see any shapes or faces in the texture? You could take a picture, post it and see if anyone else can see what you see! :D Just trying to think of something to help you pass the time.
So glad you're feeling better and hope you get to have a proper shampoo very soon! Alternatively, you could shave your head. It's very freeing and makes you look tough.


About an hour or so ago is when I miss you the most each day. It's when you would post your tiles. I think about you many times during the day. Hope all is going well. Wish I could write cute and funny things to make you smile like some of the others but I'm very prosaic. Tale care. Watch those stairs and be sure to lift your feet. Gentle (((HUGS)))


I am just reading this now and your update below. Good that you can move around a bit, but don't do too much. Lucky for you that you need no surgery, like my friend. Even when the surgery it was a long time before she was back to normal, with lots of therapy.
I can really understand how you feel about yr hair. I have the same thing. If I don't wash it every other day, I don't feel good.
Anyway, take care (and if you don't, Malcolm will do it). Miss your puzzles and hope every day will be a little better.


Just swinging by to say hi, Su. Hope you've been up and down the stairs a few more times since your last comment! And that you are upright for maybe 55% of the time now!!! Take care. :)))


Oh my goodness, Su! I've been away from jigidi for quite a while and finally pop back to find that you have been going through all manner of trials and tribulations. My heart goes out to you, you poor wee girl. (Commiserate re the bathing...been there, done that, albeit for different reasons than a broken neck! When you finally can get into the blessed tub or shower 'twill be nerve-wracking at first but then you won't want to get out. Ah well, those post bath prune-like wrinkles will soon plump back out...)

Sounds like Malcolm has been a brick (just scanned through his messages) and gained all sorts of valuable experience to add to his curriculum vitae. From patient advocate to car repair to mastering housekeeping duties to chief cook and bottle washer (hmmm probably body washer too) to personal scribe...whew, makes me reel to think upon it. Patta-patta-pat upon the back, good man. (I find that you have to encourage them for every little thing they do...*grin*)

Hmmm....just looking up at your ceiling and agree the crown molding is nice but you can only look at it for so long. I'd be playing with a laser pointer; can you get Malcolm to chase one for you? Mind you, you might have to lengthen his chain a tad...

Seriously though, just try to take it a day at a time and recognize that the wobbles and frustration are all the norm. A primal scream now and again (as long as you don't tense your neck!) probably wouldn't go amiss and would give the neighbours something to talk about. Feeling "alas, woe is me" is permitted and perfectly natural, you know. (Same for HWMBI too; it's difficult being the onlooker when your loved ones are hurting.)

I'll add my good wishes and thoughts for a complete recovery to all the rest of the positive energy that has been and continues to be sent your way. Take care of yourselves!



Su, it's wonderful to hear from you, and that you made at least one trip upstairs. Hey, it's a start, right? When I was hospitalized in 2008 for over 100 days, I couldn't shower. The hospital provided disposable towels that were pre-moistened with a cleanser for my body and hair. They sent me home with a bunch of the packages. You can purchase them at Amazon (and I'm sure other places). Here's a link to something like what I used:

They're not inexpensive, but they'll lift your spirits and the hair off your face. It felt wonderful to get clean. Well, not as clean as a real shower, but in a pinch, they worked well.

Keep up the good work, dear Su. Soon, you and Froggy will be going on road trips to find more WamI subjects.


Oh Wonderful to hear that you can do so much more. You know the old saying every day in every way etc. So glad that nowadays they take it slow and easy even though it is so horrible at the time but one day you will be your old self, swinging on the chandeliers oops thinking of Sweet Little Old Granny there. The hugs can get a little more ferocious now, Well done!!


All of us are happy to see a message from you. We are looking forward to reading the news that you are back to normal. Take good care of yourself.


Fantastic news, Su! I celebrate your accomplishments!! It's wonderful that you can be upright half of the day, and managed to scale the mountain of getting upstairs! This is excellent news, and further evidence of moving in the right direction. Sure, I bet you wish your recover was faster, but hey. It's in the right direction. And that's all that matters!!

Thank you for taking the time (quite a lot of it from the sounds of things!) to leave us a message. I appreciate it. And I think number one priority is returning to good health. Puzzles are second. Although, come to think of it, I bet you could do with the diversion and fun! So when you're ready, we'll be here waiting. :)))


Wonderful to hear from you, Su!!! At some point in the near future, I hope, you will be able to pamper yourself by having a delicious bubble bath and a proper hair wash. In the meantime be patient and continue the good progress. Thanks so much for the update. Take care, we all miss you very much. :-)


Thank you, Su, for the great news. You are so loved and missed. But don't rush it. I can imagine that any attempt to do anything with your hair would aggravate the neck problems. -I can just imagine how good a proper wash must have felt. Blessings, my friend. Gentle (((HUGS)))


Great news!!! Oh, you must be going batty waiting to wash your hair after all this time. When I was much younger and in hospital having my tonsils out, a woman in the next bed told me of when she had been in hospital in Mexico for three months. She still had the cinders in her hair from being hit by a train, and was going bonkers. Some kind nurse finally washed her hair in bed using a tray that they used for that she still was laying flat but the bed stayed dry. Clean hair was a true gift for must be feeling the same by now. You'd think after 40 years hospitals could at least have developed something for its long term patients...and made it available to out patients.
Hope the "mend" continues quickly and we see you "sooner"...but please don't push it. Blessings. :)))


Sue!! Fantastic! I'm delighted for you. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date. Wishing you all the best. Take care. :))


Afternoon all . . . it is a beautiful, bright and sunny day and I am on a high . . . another milestone passed. I actually managed to get upstairs a little earlier . . . HURRAH!!! This meant I was able to have a PROPER wash and brush up instead of having to do my ablutions in the downstairs cloakroom and oh boy, I feel so much better for it . . . :D) As I am still encased in a hard collar 24/7 baths and showers are out of the question at the moment . . . I can't wait for the day I can start taking it off for short periods, neither can my hair as it hasn't seen shampoo and water since a couple of days before my accident and dry shampoo is not an option . . . :D)
I am spending more and more time 'upright' . . . a good 50% of the day . . . so although progress is slow it is steady. Using the PC is still very difficult though . . . the collar restricts my head and neck movement making it nigh on impossible to use the keyboard for more than a few minutes at a time (these messages are composed over several sittings throughout the day) but hopefully it won't be too long before I can get "WamI?" up and running again.

Again thank you for all your warm wishes and the comments on my 'clean' ceiling . . . I can assure you that the dust bunnies and cobwebs are there . . . just a little camera shy . . . lol

Today's mountaineering has taken it's toll so, as I do not want to push my luck, I will go and have a rest . . . see you all soon . . . xx


Better you feel sorry for all of us who are experiencing Su withdrawal. It's awful. Hang in there, dear friend. Lots of love and gentle (((HUGS)))


Ada's right life could be worse, you could have my ceilings to look at. but there again if you like wildlife programmes............


That is the best news I've heard all day, Su. How exciting for you and HWMBI. Hang in there a little while longer. (I think I'm going to appropriate that song as my theme song, if you don't mind sharing it.)


well you know, that view isn't so bad, and looks great to me! LOL. I look up and see cobwebs. shhhh, don't repeat that please.


good to hear that you are on the road to recovery and don't need surgery. I think about you often and wish you well. Little gentle pats of encouragement and hugs for well done so far.


No surgery!! Great news, Su. Tee-hee, nice ceiling patterns, great colour and texture. You can always pretend you're moving puzzle pieces around. :) Hugs to you and froggy.


So glad to have the update Su! Sorry you were down for a bit and VERY glad you got up again!!! Hang in there... I detect progress. :>)


glad to see you back in a way. Your ceiling is clean.


Great to hear the good news!! In times of trouble it either brings out the good in a person or the bad--it's obvious what way "he who should be ignored" went! Just lay back a wee while longer and get your strength back so you're ready to pamper and feed him when you're up and about again.


Well hello there T&F. Always thinking of you and how you're doing. Thanks for the update on your progress. One step at a time. Normally it takes me several tries to figure out what your puzzles are, but this one I know. Take care, see you soon.


Biggest smile EVAH!!!! :-DDD

Welcome back to the land of the occasionally upright, Su. There's only one direction to go in now. Up, and up!


Ahhhhhhh, there you are, Su. It is wonderful to hear from you. You made my day in spades. Swelled head or no, He-who-must-be-ignored has performed his function superbly. I think he should undergo a metamorphosis into He-who-must-paint-the-stars-and-moons-and-suns-on-the-ceiling, and maybe even a harvest moon if he can catch one. Keep your chin up and your back straight, and soon you will be among the mobile. When you're done with HWMBI, would you mind sending him my way? I could use a hand around the house.


So glad to hear you are progressing, even if it is slower than you want. Healing takes time and that is one thing you have in abundance right now. I haven't written before now but have been keeping up every few days and just wanted to tell you you are very lucky to have HWSBI pampering and taking care of you and also glad he is back to wall sitting as long as he performs his duties well and in a timely fashion. He has done his duties very well while you have been "laid up" and kept us informed and laughing. We thank him for both of those things. Have you decided what mural you would like to have him paint on the ceiling yet?? That could keep you entertained for a while. Well, gentle hugs and good thoughts sent your way. Will be back to check in with you periodically. You are in my prayers daily. Rosie


Great video Trouble! I can just see you up there on stage dancing with them! (actually not, but it is fun anyway!) You are in my thoughts so often. I am so happy that you are progressing, be it much more slowly than you want. Keep at it girl! And keep HWSBI close enough to do all the pampering you need! Hugs to you!!!


So glad to hear from you! I'm glad you are getting to spend some time in the vertical position and also relieved to hear you won't over do it. Day by day now......Can you project a video/tv screen on the ceiling?


So happy to see a puzzle from you. Your crown molding is quite pretty. I check your puzzle site every day to see if there is any more news about your progress. Welcome back and take it easy. We will still be here when you make your comeback.


I think that ceiling needs a George Clooney, Orlando Bloom, or Johnny Depp poster or two!

Here's to your good health...Clink...Cheers! :)))


It's so lovely to hear from you, Su!!!! I'm not surprised if you've had a bit of a 'wobble' and started to feel sorry for yourself. However, I'm happy to see you've bounced back a little. Great news about not having to have surgery! Just keep persevering and letting 'HWMBI' feed and pamper you. Hope to hear more good news from you soon. Miss you. :-)


Lovely ceiling, Su. I don't know how you have managed with any sanity at all. Bless you for the upbeat comments and link. I cheered. Did you hear me? SO good to hear from you. Gentle, thankful (((HUGS)))