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For those of you with Snow-itis - A Flower Patch to remind you of Spring :-)

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But don't you find that Spring and Autumn are just about perfect? If we could skip the depths of Winter and the height of Summer it'd be dandy :-)
Unlike your gifted MIL, I can only make virtual quilts so I will resort to feeling virtually warm this winter :-)


It's funny how we grumble when at the end of the winter season and in the depths of the heat of summer, when it is too enthusiastic, but how we love and look forward to the change of seasons! I'm not sure that I would like living somewhere where I didn't get to experience them.

Now that you can look forward to cooler weather, Chrissie, you could very easily turn this gorgeous puzzle into a warm quilt for yourself. (I didn't see this yesterday but today I see it as a creation that my MIL would make with fabric....)


Spring is the best season, isn't it? New life, warmth etc. It will arrive for you guys... eventually! Here Autumn is on the way. A little rain, cooler days - nearly as good as Spring :-)


Thank you from this winter-weary gal, Chrissie! Love the colours and jewels and happy little pansy faces reminding me that they'll be back to visit soon (I hope!)


Welcome back!
Thanks, Shirley :-) The edging looks like little beads - so easy to make. A round brush with the spacing changed to about 120 - on it's own layer so a layer style can be applied. I used a gold one.


Delightful array of beautiful flowers, Chrissie, I love your little edgings throughout the design too, a very dainty finish, Thanks Chrissie. :):)


You're very welcome, Diane. No doubt you will appreciate Spring and some warmth in the air. It makes watching outdoor sports more comfortable :-)


We have no snow but lots of cold and wind.Spring will be welcome. Can't wait to go out to watch soccer and lacrosse games--(grandkids) Thank you for this beautiful puzzle. DIANE FROM N.J.


If you wait, it will come...
You will have your Field of Dreams, dear whattie :-)


You're asking me, Snooker? None of it around our sunny bit of Oz, my friend :-)
Ask whatnauts.... our snow expert!


So glad this breath of Spring reminded you of things to come, Rosie. The pansy is a happy flower, isn't it?


I've never heard of Snow-itis before, but I'm certain I have it!!! Thanks for this reminder of what spring will bring...eventually :)))


What is this thing you call snow? :) Great puzzle, Foxy.


I too have a very bad case of snow-itis. Will be very glad when it just starts to melt. Beautiful breath of Spring. I love the purple pansies.


Poor you, Lyndee! I hope this is a breath of Spring for you. I cannot imagine living with snow. Give me sunshine anyday!


Thanks, LJ. Pretty flowers gladden the heart :-)


I have a bad case of "Snow-itis"..........thanks foxy.


I see periwinkles, pansies and plumeria...among other things. So pretty, foxy!