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Thank you, Rainiqui, My pleasure to share my creations, I do appreciate your lovely compliment.


Shirley, your talent grows exponentially. Truly, I am in awe. I'd be proud to hang this beauty on my wall. Thank you for sharing with us !!! :):):)


I enjoy creating these puzzles, so it's a lovely feeling to know they are well received by others, Thank you, Jan.


Thank you, Rosie, I'm sure you could do it too Rosie, your son sound to be talented, so he must have got it from his mum, digital art is so much fun.


Shirley, you have quite an amazing fan club. Everyone loves your works of art.


Wow, on your first try!!! You have to have inherent talent to be able to do things like this, I don't care what anyone says. Color choices and detail work and shading and all of the artsy stuff I watched my son do all these years wasn't taught or picked up as he went along. He sees differently than I do and I know that and have always envied him his ability and marveled at his talent. That's what I feel when I see many of you puzzle creators and the works you give us to enjoy. All I can say is "keep them coming". Thank you.Rosie


You do have to find the right picture to start with, then a whole lot of tweaking, untill you get what you like, and I finished with a few brushes. no tutorial, just have fun, have a go Sally, amazing what you'll come up with, I do have to amit to spending a lot of time, getting this. I may get quicker the more I create. Thanks Sally :):)


Thank you , Rob, something new to play with, i'ts exciting, when you find new ways of creating pictures.


Great technique... Looking forward to more... Must give this a try... Probably involves watching/reading tutorials... Ugh... Makes me break out in hives... But for this lovely look to photos, it would be worth the dreaded tutorials... Thanks muchly.... :) :)


I really like your new style Shirley!! Happy experimenting :)))


My pleasure, Patti, I fell in love with Francine (bookish) beautiful work.


Wow -- soooo beautiful, Shirley! Thank you!


Wow, Frederick McCubbin, that's a sweet compliment, Kirsten, I know I'm not in his league though, but very appreciative of your thoughts, Thank you Kirsten.


Gorgeous Shirley! It looks a little like a more colourful and modern Frederick McCubbin* to me, and like it's been painted on glass!! Thanks so much!! :)))

* From the Heidelberg School, but what do I know about these things? LOL


I'm off to try my hand at another, see what you have started, Francine, just loving it, so much fun, Thanks to you Francine. and your's are gorgeous!


Tee-hee, Shirley. You've created a wonderful, magical place and I love it. Thanks. :) (1:00)


Thank you, chookies, I was inspired by Francine (Bookish) beautiful work, this is as close as I could get, with my first try, but I'm still working on it.


It certainly does look like bushland! I love the colors and I love the new look, thanks shirley:)