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Nicky's Bird Embroidery: Robin

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Robin Bird Embroidery


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Thanks Andy.




Thanks, naturegirl. I find jigidi can be quite addictive!


Beautiful. Thanks for letting me know. I am not on here much but my friend got me started with posting puzzles. My cousin is in England now. London. She loves England. One of my best friends is from England.


Yes, some of the old ones are the best. I remember a lot of old ones from my old church primary school. I do like some of the new modern ones and play them on guitar, but some of them are a bit cheesy for my liking. I also play piano but my sight reading is appauling - it took me a whole hear to learn a piece of Mendelssohn and I can't play it now because I've forgotten it!


John Newton! He also wrote Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken. I love...LOVE the old hymns. They speak to me deeply, as much, if not more, than the current praise and worship choruses we sing now-a-days. I am a big fan of Charles Wesley. I used his hymns in my Bible Doctrine class in a small Bible school I taught in.


Thanks threadyourneedle - yes, I do that. I've got a lovely parrot Royal School of Needlework chair seat cover on the big frame atm, and another little bird one on the medium frame, but haven't done any for a while - perhaps I ought to get back into it too!


Another way to keep track of the puzzles you have done is to go to the bookmark section and all your puzzles will be there. Be sure you are signed in everytime you puzzle and the site will keep track. Nice to see your needlework. It keeps me motivated to keep stitching!!


Hi Laurajane - I live in Buckinghamshire England in a little town called Olney where John Newton lived (he wrote the hymn Amazing Grace and helped in the abolition of the slave trade), and William Cowper lived there too - he was a famous poet. Our pancake race is on Shrove Tuesday 12th Feb and we link up with Austin in Kansas - a fun day when the local schools join in too. My neighbour won the race three consecutive times, and her daughter ran it for the last time last year and won it, after Kansas had previously beat us several years on the trot (no pun intended lol!)


Oh you are a neighbour, Nicky! Well, not really. I lived in Scotland for a long time. I live in Illinois, USA now. I am originally from Jersey...the New one, not your island.


Thanks, Laura - yes, I plan to post some pictures of my dolls houses! They really are not just for children, you know! And everyone needs a hobby. Perhaps when you see my pictures you will be prompted to try the hobby for yourself - but beware! It can become addictive!


I have always loved doll houses but never felt I could justify buying them as I have no children. Will you put up some photos for us, please? I would love to see yours and how you've decorated them.


Thanks greeneyedlady, texasstar7 and Plumpossum. Thanks laurajane for the advice and welcome - everyone seems so friendly. I have bookmarking and can finish ones I have started, etc., and have just noticed I can tick the box that lists my puzzles with most recent comments first which is very useful as I can keep track of everyone's lovely comments. I've taken a peek at your puzzles and bookmarked some to do later and is 3.30am here in England so must get some shut-eye! I'm finding puzzling quite addictive!!!! I don't sleep too good so it's great to know people are online the weird hours I am!


Beautiful work.


This is so beautiful. I love European Robins (and American ones) anyway, and you have made them even more beautiful! Thanks, and I echo the welcome.


I just saw that you are new to jigidi, Nicky, and that you asked how to keep track of puzzles. I had a hard time when I first started, myself. The best way I found to do it is to become a Jigidi all-star. That way you can have a favorites list, bookmark puzzles, go back to the ones you did and read the comments and follow the conversation. I think it is $18 a year, which is very reasonable and well worth it. Anyway, Nicky, as the others have said, welcome! It's a great site with many fantastic people from all over the world.


That's a crewel thing to say, Ardy :o)
Beautiful little European Robin, Nicky! I love it.


Very nice work, Nicky!


Thanks Ardy. I'm not sure if it's crewel - I tried to follow the pattern but kinda made it up as I went along! I have a set of birds in this design but will have to take better pictures of the others as the ones I have aren't that good, I noticed. I'll do that in a day or two. Same with the tapestries - they have a lot of the scraggy canvas in the shots! I'm hoping that posting pictures on here will make me try to improve my photography!


A sweet, happy robin, Nicky. Lovely work. With that thick texture it must be crewel, isn't it? I haven't done any of that type of embroidery but I know it's beautiful. Thank you for sharing.