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...and Happy Birthday to FoxyMoron !

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I did this in 53 seconds and somebody stole my comment.... Drats.... Came back to admire your work and my comment was gone.... Double Drats... This is really clever and creative, Your Oddness.... I can tell you, truly, the birthday girl was very much impressed.... :) :)


Thanks, lanty... you're right on the unlikely moron - it's my personal oxymoron :-))

And thank you too, jayhawk. Yes, we are really looking forward to seeing you next year. Late Spring probably... haven't booked my flight yet :-)

Thanks, Daisyjune :-) Isn't he the clever one? No idea how he did it, but he gets top marks for originality as Francine has written.


What a clever card, oddio. Thank you for letting us know it is foxy's birthday. I agree with lanty. I see no evidence that moron should be tacked on to her name. So...Happy Birthday, foxy!

I'll add my birthday greetings, too--hope your day is extra special. Looking forward to meeting you here in Moab next spring--May? That will be great!


Happy birthday and many more! I think you must be quite foxy and very unlikely moron!


Oddio, I'm giving you a huge, gigantic 'O' for Originality. This is wonderful. Thanks. (0:49)


My dearest Mr O, you are a legend! Thank you for this innovative card - you are too clever for words!
I don't know how you did it and it has impressed the socks off me :-) I am having the bestest birthday :->

Yes, Snooker!


You have pulled it all together for one great puzzle, oddio!


That is great, oddman. You used her puzzles to make the card. Brilliant! Are we having fun yet, Foxy?