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"McBoniface Rover commotion": Bonnie's Face

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What did I do when my beautiful Bonnie came up and gave me a look of love and I happened to have my camera at hand? Why I snapped a photo, of course.

Then I saw that the background was disgusting! Well, I just got Photoshop for Christmas but I don't really know how to use it. I haven't even gone through the tutorials yet. Did that stop me? No, I started playing around with the only nice part of the background, which happened to be the Christmas tree (in one little corner) and then I just got silly!

Being long time fans of Walt Kelly's Pogo... the title was self-evident! LOL!

{Let's all join Churchy LaFemme and sing to the tune of My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean}

My body lice soda devotion,
May Booney Lifesaver D. C.,
McBoniface Rover commotion,
O, brickbat Mahoney for me.


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Bonnie & Me:


MOST kissable...yes yes!!!

Bet this turns out to be one of your most favourite pics! :DDD


*blush* Well, thank you Francine. I can see that it can become very addictive! I couldn't seem to be able to select just her head out to place on a different background...the black around her head seemed to confuse it and no matter what I tried, it kept selecting part of her face too. My inexperience here...

Yup, she shore is kissable ma'am! (btw - I answered you with the long story on the other puzzle you commented on this morning.)


Michelle - = = = clap, clap. Well done. Great framing for Bonnie's oh-so-kissable face. Made for a fun puzzle too. Thanks. (3:44)
[your fun days are just beginning ...:) ]


G'day mates...and Lady Mondegreen! Sally, I hadn't seen this one and did so enjoy it. Thanks for sharing it with us and thank you Chrissie for helping Monica with interpretation. I do so enjoy mondegreens and spoonerisms and puns and no, (as I have been mocked by others) they are not the lowest form of humour. I enjoy them and, at my height, there is nothing low about me!

Monica, you are sweet to give me such a compliment but, to my eye, it is terrible and only redeemed by the subject! It will definitely be a "before" shot to me and I look forward to seeing what I can do with this when I know how to work with the programme. I did want to post this photo of Bonnie since so many of you have been supportive and sharing her love is the best way I know how to say thank you. (I had to do something with the photo...I won't even tell you where her head was it to say that I wear a lot of black...)

Libby, I can say the same back to you and to so many of the people that I have met here. I am excited for your new adventure and can't wait to hear more of Callie Lou's story as it unfolds. What fun! I'm happy that you have stopped in to meet our Bonnie girl too. She is such a sweetheart!

wolflady, I just read your post on Kathy's site and see that your Cali is a rescue too. What a beautiful dog too! I am grateful for the support you've given me with our worries about Bonnie. Have a wonderful 2013!

Ank, you are always such a sweet person! I'm glad you popped by too. I'd like to get good enough to be able to use your floral inspirations to re-do this one at some point.


You did well. It looks lovely.


Sweet Bonnie, she has so much love in her eyes. Shes a beauty.. You can see how much
she loves you. Take care, and have a healthy and happy new year.


Good morning! Just wanted to drop in and tell you how much I appreciate all your love and concern for the 4-leggeds of the world! The world is a much better place for animals because of folks like you! AND, what a sweet soulful friend you have there! Thank you! Libby ;-)))


Bonnie is a beautiful girl with eyes full of love, thank you


Monica, read it out loud and it will make sense... eventually :-)

Wants pawn term - Once upon a time :-) there was a little girl who lived with the mother in a little cottage on the edge of a large dark forest. etc etc

Have fun!


Wow! SMor2Ditto I didn't understand a single word of that! L.O.L. Come again? Michelle, I think you did a fabulous job with the Photoshop on this one...Monica.


I'm with KARLS.... Can't sing, but hum pretty well....

Have you seen this fun example of a Mondegreen??

Been around for many years... (Showing my age again)....

LADLE RAT ROTTEN HUT (Little Red Ridding Hood)

Wants pawn term, dare worsted ladle gull hoe lift wetter murder inner ladle cordage honor itch offer lodge dock florist. Disc ladle gull orphan worry ladle cluck wetter putty ladle rat hut, end fur disc raisin pimple colder ladle rat rotten hut. Wan moaning rat rotten hut?s murder colder inset: ?Ladle rat rotten hut, heresy ladle basking winsome burden barter and shirker cockles. Tick disc ladle basking tudor cordage offer groin murder hoe lifts honor udder site offer florist. Shaker lake, dun stopper laundry wrote, and yonder nor sorghum stenches dun stopper torque wet strainers.?


Ah, but Karlein, this is're supposed to get complaints! LOL