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Rescued from the recycle bin III

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How true that it, PJ. We do live according to our climates. I simply prefer sunshine to snow LOL. I cannot imagine living with snow around for half of the year! I realise you are used to it and live to suit it but it's hard to imagine it when we live in such a mild climate :-)


So glad you're into recycling - very enjoyable swirls.
We live with around 6 months of snow and temperatures similar to Winnipeg.And there is so much fun we can do in the snow, eg. skiing, hiking, just enjoying the nature. We insulate our houses and are well trained in sensible layered clothing! And - after some centuries - we are used to it - I feel that's it's all about making the best of the weather conditions.


It appears we all agree that Spring and Falling Autumn are the best :-)


You hate my winter (probably early spring and late fall too!!) and I doubt I'd get used to your summers. I guess it's a good thing we live where we do. LOL

I'm in total agreement with puzzaddled - not too hot or too cold, but just right. Which is probably why my favorite time of year is late spring and early fall.


Ok, kids, guess we can't complain now...

"19 hours ago, Broken News Daily
Let's learn all about Oymyakon, Russia, the world's coldest permanently inhabited settlement! In January, with average temperatures of -58 degrees Fahrenheit, the 500 residents have to worry about glasses freezing to their faces, and the ink in their pens freezing."

Lordy, I would move away from there as fast as I could! That's getting to be almost the same in our scale (-50°C) and that would certainly have brass monkeys cringing!

I guess I'm like Goldilocks in more than the obvious way... I don't like it too hot or too cold but like it jusssst right! lol

Certainly we have a contrast, oh foxy one...we all know that you're upside down-under!

*fleeee before she raps me one upside the brain-box*


In all fairness I won't tell you how hot it was here today either. Suffice it to say we parked in the shade and walked on the shaded side of the streets down town :-)

The contrast between our locations is so very marked. On Friday you will have -22 and we will have +34! You have my admiration for living in that climate. It was about 40 on Christmas Day, true but ducted air con helps :-) No way would I go to the beach on a stinky hot day like that. By the time you cool off in the ocean you're hot and gritty with sand by the time you get home for a shower. Might just as well stay home and have a cool shower :-) I'd rather that than wear so many clothes I couldn't bend my arms and legs! Our summer max average is around 34, min ave 16 - all plus, naturally! In winter the max ave is 17 with a min ave 8. A mild climate :-) I suppose it's what we all get used to in different parts of the world.


You know foxy, our weather people never advise of the wind chill once the temperature hits zero. I've always thought that was kind of silly. I was out today and parked in the middle of the strip mall and then walked to the various stores to do my shopping. It was very, very cold and I was glad to get home and have a warm cup of coffee! I won't tell you exactly how cold it was, so I'm not blamed for giving you the shivers.

We are going to warm up some towards the end of the week, Friday will be -22C with no wind and that will seem downright balmy. Saturday is supposed to be -13C, but with the wind chill it will feel like -28C, so that's no treat :(((( But this weather is colder than usual. Our normals for this time of year are more in the range of -14C with lows in the mid -20's. January is generally our coldest month, but February won't be much better. Things will (hopefully) get better in March.

But as much as I abhor the cold, I would have a lot of problems with your hot weather as well. Wasn't it getting close to 40C at Christmas?? In the winter you can add layers, but what can you do when it's really hot other than soak in the tub???


puzzaddled, don't be too hard on your friend. I'm a bit of a chicken when it comes to driving. But there is such a thing as being too brave as well, which includes most people in SUV's, as you mentioned. There's always lots of idiots on the roads here as well, during and after a snowfall driving as if the streets are as clear as they are in summer. I think it must be human nature.


The wind chill factor is not to be ignored, for sure. We have that warning here but, of course, we're talking plus temps... not minus! We call it a lazy wind when it cuts right into us.. too lazy to go around us :-)
Even having milder (all things being relative!) temps in Toronto that the Peg, -14° or even -10° is unbelievably cold. I really would not want to be outdoors. I'd rather battle the heat than freeze off my patootie :-)


Thanks, whattie - that web site explained it well. It blows my little fuses trying to imagine the cold. It may not always be as low as -27° but anything approaching +5° is what I think of as very cold so it's hard to wrap my head around it. Will it be as cold in February as it is now? I'd be hanging out for Spring if I lived near the Peg :-)


Well, my dears, I think that a picture is worth a thousand words so I consulted with my resident wool guru and here ye be:

-5°C...positively balmy! Heavens, whatnaut and I could suntan in that weather! Everybody, into the pool! lol

Seriously, whatnaut gets it a lot colder than I do since Winnipeg is so much farther north than Toronto. We've only had to deal with -14°C this week and was -10°C today (sorry whatnauts...don't mean to tease...). The windchill is the killer though, Chrissie. That's when it goes right through your bones.

Rats, whatnaut, now I am going to have to tax my friend with being a whack-job! She led me to believe that everyone from the Peg was as brave/foolhardy as she! Mind you, probably safer to drive in the snowy weather there than when we get the mess here in the city. No chains or studs allowed and all the people who don't drive normally decide that they should drive when the weather turns rotten and slippery-slidey instead of taking public transit. If I have to go out, I leave my good car at home and take the old four wheel truck out then...just so that I can jump the curb and get out of their spinning ways, if I have to! Silly buggers with those designer SUV's doesn't matter what good traction you have going forward, once you put on those brakes that forward inertia if you are going too fast for road conditions can....well, why do they always look so surprised? c...r...u...n...c...h


I didn't know what thrummed was, until I googled it. And the following website explains it better than I can (or you can wait and see what Michelle has to say for herself)

So sorry, but I just had to share my current weather situation with you. Luckily it won't last too much longer, only a few more days and then it will warm up some, at least for a little while. -5C sounds really warm at the moment. We won't be seeing 'near freezing' any time soon.


Stick around, my dear... it might happen LOL.

Do you know the meaning of thrummed? I decided to wait until Michelle explained it - more fun than finding out for myself :-)

I am at a loss for words over the temp in Winterpeg. The coldest temp I have felt in Oz was -5°C in Canberra one winter a few years back. It hurt to breath, for heavens sake! The thought of -27°C leaves me lost - I really cannot imagine how cold it is or how you survive in it. I hope this is the minimum and it warms to near freezing so you can venture outdoors. I simply cannot get my head around it. You deserve a medal for living in it! I don't think I could handle it. I would need to hibernate until Spring :-) How on earth do you manage for the neccessities of life - like fresh food - you'd have to go out! Yikes, it doesn't bear thinking about.


Foxy, I don't believe I've ever seen you be anything but polite.

I'm certainly learning lots of new words lately - larrikin, ooroo, not to mention thrummed. And speaking of thrummed alpaca, you'd be very appreciative of it if you were to visit my fair part of the country during the winter. It's currently -27C (-38 with the windchill), and no, I'm not kidding. I was out earlier and it is cold, cold, cold.

puzzaddled, yes, we 'lovingly' refer to my fair city as Winterpeg, home of the bird size mosquitos. I learned to drive in the winter, took my driver's test the week before Christmas, as a matter of fact. However, I've become a fair weather driver. I don't even drive in the rain, if I can help it. I do drive in the winter, of course, but not when it's blizzarding and I try not to drive when it's snowing either. I agree there are places colder than Winnipeg, but we give a pretty good run for the money. Your friend is very, very brave (or perhaps wacky as you mentioned!!).


(Think I'll just quietly wander off in to the snowy desert outback and leave these Canucks alone. They have me outnumbered and possibly outgunned. I mean, how can I be impolite to either of them? They're so impecabbly polite it makes me wince at the thought of being impolite to them. Aaah, the burden of being an Aussie larrikin faced with sweet Canadians... 'tis not an easy road to walk)

Thrummed alpaca? Isn't that a cruel thing to do to an innocent alpaca? Yikes! And you , whattie - you'll be glad of that snow come July, Missy! Oh yes, indeedy; you'll be asking for Non-Uncle Frank's number and be non-slipping him 50 bucks for even a 2 foot pile of snow!


Hail and hello, whatnauts! Nice to meet you... I've gone and put my thrummed alpaca mittens on to shake your hand.

I have a very dear friend here in Toronto who originally hails from, as she puts it, "Winterpeg". A lovely, lovely woman with absolutely no fear of driving in any type of snowstorm. She pops out to visit family and will sometimes drive; I thought she was just a wee bit wacky to take the north of Superior route outbound one winter! Neither I have nor possibly even you have it too rough though (unless you are in the far north of my neighbouring province...): our youngest lives and works in the very far north of BC (close to NWT) by the Alberta border. The trees stop taking up water in July! The rest of us have balmy weather to him. LOL He's been here for a break ... vacationing in the sunny south...and is soooo looking forward to heading back up next week (tongue in cheek, dear, tongue firmly in cheek!). We normally have cold and a decent amount of snow...we ended up getting a boatload of rain and warm weather that took it all away. Mind you, the cold (comparatively speaking to local weather) is starting to come back so we'll see what happens re getting the snow again too. Go ahead, buy that snow in July... just remember to ship it south come winter!! (*tee hee*)

Yup, gotta love our uncommonwealth Ozzie cousins! (I am Michelle, btw.)


Thanks for the moral support, puzzaddled. And I totally agree with your take on Ozzies.

It may be warming in your part of the country , but I'm in Manitoba and the snow will not retreat until March.

(Note to self - refrain from buying snow in July - remember what is to come....)


Really? With all this warm weather that strolled in, the snow seems to have taken a scarper! It has emulated the wicked witch of the west. Where is that 5 foot pile, I cold storage? You just might have to move it, Chrissie or there won't be any for July., funny, irreverent...put another shrimp on the barbie hospitality. Not a bad rep/rap really!


Oh no, another Canuck in on the action!

Don't tell whattie, Michelle but I have stored my snow pile at the end of her driveway. It's about 5 feet tall and growing!

BTW... thanks :-)


The whole world knows of the famous Canadian politeness! It is refreshing to see it in action...
almost :-)
I wonder what the whole world thinks of Australians? A mob of larrikins? Snow sales people? A bunch of persistent pains in the patootie?

(Mental note... contact whattie in July re sale of snow....) LOL


It's in our constitution, isn't it whatnauts? (Let them think we're nice and so gull them...) Foxy lady, where on earth are you going to get white stuff in your season? You just want some yourself to ease the heat of summer...

btw, this was fun! (2:05)


If I was going to perhaps, perchance, maybe, possibly purchase some of the white stuff, it would be in July - you might want to try me then. I do appreciate your persistence (well not really, but we Canadians try to be polite). LOL


Thanks, Gaillou. Goodness, you're a fast solver!


Thanks, Katie. They did turn out quite bright, didn't they?


What could have been, dear whattie, was nowhere near as good as these turned out to be. Wanna buy some snow yet? :-))


You are phery welcome, dear phriend :-) Your phabulous phoursomes phired my imagination... :-)


Yes, Ma'am, saluting smartly!
Mimi, if I make something drab and plain old ugly and I think it is beyond redemption then it is tossed out otherwise very little is thrown away. I have LOTS of stuff saved :-)


Fun puzzle.


So colorful and fun! Thanks Chrissie!


Thanks for this teaser of what could have been :))))))))


Ummmm hmmmm, four times the fun as a foursome, T. This was great! Thanks a bunch, dear one!


Terrific, recycle away, just make sure to save EVERYTHING!


Dear Straight Faced Kirsten (Did I REALLY write that?" Ugh! It's so not you!)
Strictly speaking I keep the rejects in a separate file rather than the recycle bin. After all they may come in useful! It's hard to throw away anything... even the failures and not quite there ones :-)


Thanks, Shirley. They weren't that pretty to start with, mate :-)


Thank you, roerick. I think I might just see if I can find more to rescue :-)


G'day Fay, no worries, mate! My pleasure :-)


Cancel the recycle bin collection, I reckon!! Too many good things in there, to be tossed away!! On top of the delightful swirls, I really like your border here Chrissie! Thanks. :)))

(Feels weird to have left a "straight" comment. My funny well must have run a bit dry. LOL)


Lovely, bright, swirls, I'm glad you recyled them, Chrissie, to pretty to discard, Thank you, Chrissie. :):)


Prettiest one I've seen in a while. Thanks for rescuing it for us.


You've brightened up my day with this puzzle Chrissie, great. Thanks mate/


You're welcome, Kathy.. thanks :-)


So it does! I hadn't seen that. Need to have my bestest Imagination Manager (you!) on the case :-)
Thanks, buddy.


Fun to do, thanks for the rescue.


The bottom right one looks like it has precious gems in the center. Very nice puzzle.