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Mailman, Beware! (Smaller)

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Just a general, all-purpose warning, against any and all dangers, obvious or unforeseen.......


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I have dived into the center which turned out to be the top of the pyramid - a surprise spot for me! I must have been able to climb up on the stacks of catalogs!!! :-DD


So cool, and such a great puzzle that everyone was bumping everyone else, and the poor mailman may fall of the leaderboard, in which case no one will get their mail....unless they find the mail Mr. Bugosi dumped on the ground.


You're so very welcome, Edie! : )


Thanks for moving the mail for me Aishah, made for smooth sailing. Thanks Pat.


Very nice, Pat! It took me a little longer than I had hoped. Someone had piled stacks and stacks of catalogs and magazines in my way. : )


I am eternally grateful for the timely warning, as I was about to parachute down......into THE CHASM!.....I could have been silenced forever!....
Anyway, I've dumped loads of mail, so should any unfortunate fall in, they'll have a soft landing.....


Double ooops--I've bumped YOU! Sorry, Barb (and Sindy--good to see you again!)! Now we just have to wait for Edie...... LOL!

I almost called it a square swirl, too, really! But then I kept seeing it reverse from a tall pyramid leading up to, and a deep descent leading down to, a possibly dangerous mail slot, and I couldn't resist the title! :-DDD

No problem--tigress. I was just proud to get there! These days, I'm happy to make the board! (I see Pat bumped you off! The board, that is!) :)


Oops sorry, tiredeyes, didn't mean to bump you. I won't last long either (lol).
Sort of like a square swirl, Pat. Expect lots of letters today from you know who. :-)))

Wow--I'm on top! Thanks for the opportunity, Pat! (I know it won't last long!) I do enjoy your puzzles--but my eyesight doesn't let me move very quickly, these days! :) S