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1899 advertising poster: Boy and girl in SL & SF waiting room

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Yes, I think there was some wishful thinking when they named it the SL & SF back in the late 1800s! It never served further west than Texas. It was formed from parts of a bankrupt Atlantic-Pacific railroad company and was called the Frisco, which I'm sure we've all seen, at least some of its rolling stock. It was finally merged into the BN-SF lines in the 1980s.


I agree lanty looks like the farthest they can go is to the gulf in Texas LOL


From that map behind them it doesn't appear their route will take them to San Francisco. Maybe that's why they look sad?


The poster is a treasure.


Young little rich kids waiting for the made to pick them up at the station.


Looks like they were just left there with no one to pick them up or care for them.