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Flower Vender....

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There was a family selling flowers fresh cut from beds they have at their farm, just for this purpose. They were selling half gallon glass jars stuffed with flowers for 4 dollars. Thye were also selling fresh bakes cinnamon rolls and other treats as fast as they could serve them up. This Dalhia was in one of the jars. They also had two new kinds of Gladiolas!!


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You'll be glad you broke down and chose that Laura, about two bites into the roll you'll have forgotten there was even a choice! :)))


Oh, okay...I will have one bouquet of dalhias and one cinnamon roll, please.


The flowers or the sweets...or both, Claudia! :))

Your avitar is perfect too, chookie!

Its almost like looking at a kaleido, Cathy only its unaltered. Thanks.

Bargains are a good thing Lorna, when you can find them! Thanks!

Thanks abel, glad you enjoyed it!

I hadn't thought of that, Robyn,...your right!!

They went home with money in their pocket, Ellen, thats for sure.


Ooooo! Cinnamon rolls and purty fl'ars! A great combination!


Stunning Dave - and just the same colours as some of your sunsets!!!


A beautiful bloom!


Gorgeous and what a bargain!


Wow!! That is a lovely dahlia !!! And what a great price for a jar full of flowers!!


Wow, that's a perfect bloom.


I hope you're gonna share with us Dave. :)))


THanks Ginger, I've checked your page several times tonight but your still settling in.

I got one and ate it walking around smllpkg. I went back for another to take with me and they were gone. GONE!! Boy I learned my lesson. If I didn't have such a sugar rush going on then, I might have been upset! :)

There were so many amazing above average flowers in their wares, Claudia, I have many photos to show thanks to them! I'm happy you enjoyed this one!




Tee-totally gorgeous Dave!


Orange sherbet! Two jars of flowers, but how many cinnamon rolls?


Don't know how you could pick just one from all of those they had Dave. Hard choice. And new Glads too. This is an amazing photo ***** stars again!! Can't wait to see your next one. ;O)))


They're coming up, Suzy!

Thanks ironroad, there is a blend of shades of orange in this flower!

Thanks Beekay there were many beautiful flowers and it was hard to get many photos, they were disappearing so fast.

It was a nice one snooker as so many of theirs were. Thanks.

I got one for home and one for one of my business's by Manassas, Janet. The one here at home is still as fresh as ever.

It is great to have cut flowers around Lyndee. Thanks!


Truly gorgeous, Dave. Your photo is great too :)


I would have bought one for every room in my house!


Stunning flower, thanks Warbs, so pretty. I hope you bought a half gallon jar for your wife! Then you might be able to use the jar later........ Hugs, Janet


A perfect flower!


Flower and photo...both gorgeous! Thanks Warbler.

A beautiful sunny orange/apricot dahlia


The detail in each of those petals is incredible.
But let's get to the important stuff. How were those cinnamon rolls? YUM!